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Need some help!

Guest Blue

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Hi all!

I'm completely new to this forum, so you'll excuse me if I'm looking in the wrong place, or if this is covered somewhere..


Okay, so I recently decided to replay BG1 so I thought I'd try out Tutu.

Had a bit of trouble installing it, but then I found easy-tutu.. sooo useful!

Heh, anyway, then I tried installing BG1 NPC mod but.. it just won't work.. and I honestly have no idea what to do?

So I'm hoping maybe somone here does...


The problem is, the setup starts but as soon as I try to install "required modifications for v:12" I get an error messege saying; "This mod should be installed in your bg2, tutu, easytutu, or BGT folder, after tutu/BGT conversion"

and this apparently a necesary part of the install as there seems to be no way around it...


And I just don't understand what it wants me to do.. I have installed easytutu, and I'm installing NPC mod into my bg2 folder..

So what am I doing wrong?


Any and all help humbly welcomed, thank you in advance.

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Nothing. You are following the directions exactly as written. The problem is that the directions really should be updated for EasyTutu users.


You will install the mod in your EasyTutu directory. It does not install in the SoA or the Black Isle directories at all.


The directory you want is probably the following path:


C:\Program Files\BaldursGateTutu

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No problem... this is a common mistake (made at least by berelinde and myself several times :) ). There is a whole thread on this in General Mod Discussion, titlles "Tutu State of the Modding Union", which can be helpful; the short answer is that you are trying to install the mod in the wrong place.


EasyTutu creates a new directory called (usually) "BaldursGateTutu". That is your new Tutu directory. If you try to install it in your regular BG2 directory, it will give you the error. So when BG1 NPC asks where to install the mod, point it to "BaldursGateTutu".


(blast. I need to learn to type. berelinde managed to see, type a full response, and post while I was still typing away madly!!! :love: ).

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And typing very quickly saved my backside more often than I care to count when I had a term paper due, and continues to save me, whether it's writing reports for work or cranking out dialogues while the thoughts are still fresh in my mind.


My 7th grade typing teacher was right. It might be the most valuable skill I learned in middle school.

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Ah! Such an embarrisingly simple answer! :)

My most heartfelt gratitude for this exceedingly speedy answer!

Man, why didn't I think of that? Ah well, it all worked out in the end, again, thank you Berelinde and cmorgan, you saved my implusive desicion to revisit one of the greatest games ever from ending in tears and flames! Bit melodramatic yes, but mostly true...

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