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Chloe Romance install error

Elfen Lied

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not really sure where t oask this but, me and my friends are trying to put together a 6 player game, because i was modded up first they are following y weidu file making sure we all have the same parts of the same mods installed in the same order, of the 6 of us, 5 of us are all modded up but one of us has a propbably with the chloe mod. his wont install. its the same mod we all have but for some reason he gets an error




can anyone help out


he has tried multiple downloads from different mirrors but he gets the same error

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Quote me


ERROR: No translation provided for @100002

ERROR: poblem parsing TP file [Lvl1NPCs.TP2]: Not_found




Quote Nythrun

In whichever game folder you've intended to try this, you should have a "lvl1npcs" folder, containing a "languages" folder, containing an "english" folder, containing a "setup.tra". If you have a "lvl1npcs" folder inside a "lvl1npcs" folder (or some other arrangement of folders that isn't the expected) the mod isn't going to be able to find its own translations and will stop. Fixing this would just require moving all the internal folders up a level


For lvl1NPC's read Chloe

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il ask him about his


but for me its SOA/Chloe/D/English


and thats works fine, so what your saying is he might have something like SOA/Chloe/D/Enligh/X and his files are in the x file.

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on another site i was told we could try;


1) Edit Chloe/D/English/setup.tra and add there line


@0 = ~Chloe NPC mod v1.2~


2) Send him setup.tra from your computer


3) Edit Chloe.tp2 and replace BEGIN @0 with


BEGIN ~Chloe NPC mod v1.2~


if so which programs d oyou use to edit these files?


we have tried the second on but that didnt work.

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