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SHS: SCS-BGT V4.4 Released

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Spellhold Studios


Sword Coast Stratagems has just hit version 4.4, with numerous bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed Golem being able to use potions.
  • Added installation marker for a couple of components missing them.
  • Relocated Viconia so she does not appear in a spawn point.
  • Moved Flaming Fist 2 so he can get to Viconia.
  • Fixed Kaishas script.
  • Fixed Baresh script.
  • "Nome Stikka" has graphics now.

Also in the new version is a Spanish Translation from Immortality, danmj2000, Elvex, Eresh Kigal, Federico Ezequiel Montiel, and Feyd Mandalore; and a German Translation by Leonardo Watson.


Download the new version here!


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