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Custom Items... Weapon Ineffective


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Hey all,


I'm trying to throw these NPC's together, and I'd like to give them some custom weapons.




In game-testing all of my weapons made in smithy or Ieep work fine until I confront a Vampire or shadow. Then, I get the old "Weapon Ineffective" message no matter how powerful the enchantment.


Things I've tried:

  • Checking the flags (magical, iron, silver)
  • Exporting an in-game item and changing the name.
  • Cursing in frustration

I can only imagine this is a weakness inherent in the editors. Even if I export an item from in-game and change nothing but the name it does not work, while the original does. I can put both in inventory and switch back and forth. The one from in-game will do 15 points of damage then the same sword with a different name will be entirely ineffective. I can't help but notice that Chloe's custom gear works, so it must be possible. What must I do?


confused old clinto :)

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