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BG2Tweaks: "WeapStyles for all" incompat

the bigg

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WeapStyles for all should use some 2da-prettying code, otherwise the 2da-prettying code of BG Style WeapProf will fail, causing the "ID" header column to be missing and the weapprof.2da file to be fubared (as a proof, install WeapStyles for All + BG Style weapprof: the last installed kit, E.G. Wild Mages for BG2:ToB proper, won't be able to spend his proficiency points).


Solution: since adding a traditional 2da-prettying would force to rewrite the various indexes, you can emulate it by adding the following after the SET_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW line:

SPACES somespace ~%MATCH1%~
END ~%somespace%%MATCH1%~


The above code (w/ the obvious reinstall) fixed the bug for me.

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