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Fatal error unabel to find Dialog.tlk

Guest Kitamaera

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Guest Kitamaera

Hi I use the german version of the game



* Install BG2:SoA, the ToB expansion and the ToB official patch. <--- (Done)

* Take backup copies of your dialog.tlk and the override folder. <--- (Done)

* Install any non-WeiDU mods that overwrite files. <-- (no other mods in use)


* Install the BG2 Fixpack. <---(tryed but error ) *


* After completing all of the above,

install your WeiDU mods, including Amber.<---(tryed but error ) *


* = every time i´ve tryed to install it said Fatal error unabel to find Dialog.tlk


or unabel to find DIALOG:TLK in: dialog.tlk


so what i´am doing wrong ?


(sorry for my english i´am german :)

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That error means that setup-amber.exe (or previously setup-bg2fixpack.exe) is not in the same folder with the file called dialog.tlk.


Where in your hard drive did you unpack the mod files (setup-amber.exe, setup-amber.tp2 and the folder called 'amber')? You should have unpacked them into the main bg2 folder. If the mods are in the correct folder, are you sure you didn't move the override folder and dialog.tlk when you made a backup instead of copying them? If you drag a file to a different drive from where it used to be, Windows copies the file. But if you drag it to a different folder on the same drive, Windows moves the file instead of making a copy of it. So, make sure that dialog.tlk and override folder are still in the main bg2 folder. If they're not, just copy them back to the bg2 main folder.

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Guest Guest

Ok i think i find my error i renamed the original DIALOG.TLK in dialog.Tlk and it woks Thx for help :) AND THX for amber too this mod realy is special

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