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Caster level bonus with item?


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I'm using NI to make a huge item mod and wanted to know how to do some nasty things:


1) An item that while equipped make wizard/cleric considered of "x" level higher when determining the spell effects... (I've tried the modify proficiency effect without results...)


2) Pratically as above: an item which improves the turn undead Paladin/Cleric ability


I really appreciate any suggestions...

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I couldn't get it to work beyond checking that the type field sets the appropriate stat. It will set the BONUSMAGE or BONUSPRIEST stats depending on the type value, but it doesn't appear to actually affect casting level.

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I am interested in knowing if anyone has managed to create an Bonus Spell Level item, or has some decent Ideas how to do it?
In a sense yes, as the original opcode is broken, one just needs to apply a bgmain.exe patch to allow the correct behavior of the opcode. The Demivrgvs Item Revision mod already has such items...
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