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Kit Idea - Need Critics


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Alrighty, here we go.

Half-Elf Slasher

Gains 1/2 per round ever 4 levels

Slightly increased movement speed

Is given a "dodge" like effect 10% to start, plus 2% every 5 levels

Cannot wear armor higher then leather

Can only become profiecent in ranged weapons (bows, slings, etc.)

Can only become profiecent in 2handed weapons

Cannot take 2handed style or sword and shield style.

Only gets one for single weapon style

Slightly decreased damage.


Supposed to be a kit directed towards not getting hit and doing damage not through hard hits but lots of them. What do you think? Oh and only half-elves can become one.

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Subset of fighter?


Do you mean to say that they can only become proficient in ranged weapons or that they cannot become proficient in ranged weapons? I'm not clear on that. If they can not be proficient in weapons that do slashing damage, as opposed to piercing (arrow) or bludgeoning (bullet), how can they be a slasher?


And why only half-elves?


I'm not being critical here, just curious.

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Only half-elves because I felt like it, no particular reason on that. Can only become proficient. And I didn't really mean slasher literally, I only named it that because I couldn't think of anything else to name it. It's more supposed to be that they only use the light weapons (carrying around a big ole halberg wouldn't allow you to go very fast now would it?) so that's why.

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OK, then, here's my subjective take on it. Keep in mind that I'm not an authority on anything. I just play sometimes.


Half-Elf Slasher Kind of hard to justify something only available to half-elves. Only elves or only humans is easy, but half-elvs live among either race. There aren't any half-elven settlements, per se. Also, "slasher" is a bit of a misnomer. Since the kit will be noted for mobility and evasiveness, why not "dodger?"

Gains 1/2 per round ever 4 levels No opinion. Don't think it's particularly unfair.

Slightly increased movement speedOK.

Is given a "dodge" like effect 10% to start, plus 2% every 5 levelsDon't know how you'd do this, but if you can manage it, it would be cool

Cannot wear armor higher then leatherFair enough

Can only become profiecent in ranged weapons (bows, slings, etc.)

Can only become profiecent in 2handed weaponsNot sure where you're going with this. If you mean that the characters with this kit can become proficient in any two handed weapon (two-handed swords, quater staves, spears, halberds, bows, or crossbows) plus slings, that's a pretty big weapon pool. Also, two-handed weapons do not suggest the superhuman agility you seem to imply. Also, you should then say that the caracter may become proficient with two handed weapons and slings. Or maybe it would just be easier to list acceptable weapons.

Cannot take 2handed style or sword and shield style.Don't know if you can allow some weapon styles and not others.

Only gets one for single weapon style

Slightly decreased damage.No opinion.

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By "can only become proficient" I think that means you can only put one star in those proficiencies, as opposed to full 5 stars if this is a fighter kit. The "dodge" thing could probably be implemented as an AC bonus. And yeah, it'd make more sense to be open to half-elves and elves or half-elves and humans (or all three) if you're going to make it racially-restricted. Other than that, it's somewhat similar to other kits like the Duelist in Sword & Fist. Not that it couldn't be made differently of course.



- Gains a +1 bonus to weapon speed factor, THAC0 and damage per 10 levels.

- Gains a +1 bonus to armor class per 5 levels.



- Grand Mastery may only be attained using single-handed, bladed weapons. All other weapons, and the Two-Handed Weapon fighting style, are limited to one proficiency point.

- May not wear armor heavier than studded leather.

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Ok, well thinking of changing the dodge to a counter strike, with lower percentages of course.


@Miloch: Like berelinde said, this kit is leaning more towards superhuman agility rather then doing better with sed weapons. This kit infact takes away from the damage rather then increasing it.

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The kit seems pretty balanced, depending on how that counterstrike/dodge thing comes into play. Restriction down to leather armour is a big ouch for a pure fighter class, and you may need to add some more advantages to balance that and the damage reduction out.

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Perhaps transferring some str to dex (2 or 3 points will do I think) to balance out the lack of the heavier armors and the extra attacks are to balance out the damage reduction. Oh and I found a new name; "Dimachaeri" It's named after a type of Roman gladiators.'


As for the dodge/counterstrike thing, what do you guys thing about using the Spell: Bounc Opcode effect?


Finally, I have come up with a reason why it only goes to half-elves, you'll see in the kit discription.

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Alrighty here is my rough-final draft of the advantages-disadvantages:


Gains 1/2 attack per round at level 1, 4, 8, 12, and so on

Slightly Increased movement and attack speed

Dodge and Counter

-Level 1: 10% Dodge

-Level 5: 12% Dodge

-Level 10: 14% Dodge with a 10% chance of a counter attack

-Level 15: 16% Dodge with a 25% chance of a counter attack

-Level 20: 18% Dodge with a 40% chance of a counter attack

-Level 25: 20% Dodge with a 55% chance of a counter attack

-Level 30: 22% Dodge with a 70% chance of a counter attack

-Level 35: 24% Dodge with a 85% chance of a counter attack

-Level 40: 26% Dodge with a 100% chance of a counter attack

Has a dexterity modifier of +3



Cannot wear armor heavier then studded leather armor

Cannot take any slots in two-handed weapon style or sword and shield style

May only become proficiant in two-handed weapons such as quarterstaffs, halbergs, and bows

May only take one slot in single weapon style

Decreased damage per hit

Has a strenth modifier of -3

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I don't think the dex bonus and str penalty is actually necessary - +3 is far too much IMO - I could live with a +1 but I don't think that's necessary - Bioware did (almost?) never use such bonusses, with good reason.


I don't know about the 50+ chances of counterattack at the very high levels - that should be playtested but it might prove far too powerful.

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Gains 1/2 attack per round at level 1, 4, 8, 12, and so on


Five attacks per round with any weapon(say, Ravager) on level 20, default? And eight-ten throughout ToB? Overpowered is an understatement here, in my opinion. Even -10 to STR won't help here.

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@Thauron - it's maxes at 26% since you have to dodge the attack first. And yes I know it's a pain to code (embedded effects and such...)


@Kulyok - Um it would be 5 attacks per round at level 40..? Oh! I see what you mean... well now, I'll just have to fix that. Also, you won't be using a halberg with this class. I'm fairly certain that I'm going to allow use but since you bring it up, I may take away that.


I'm beginning this kit may take a while to make....

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Maybe better something like that?



- Immunity to backstab

- +1 ThaC0 and attack speed point per 5 levels

- +1/2 attack per round, 1 AC point and movement speed per 10 levels



- -3 to charisma score

- -3 to damages, reducing by 1 per 10 levels

- -5% to immunities to psyhical damages

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