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Did I break Baldur's Gate?


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So, I made a fresh install of BG2, then, because I'm an idiot, I installed a bunch of mods in a very random order, instead of the suggested order. I played in between installing Amber and Tsujatha, and had no issues (that I found) Now, I was just playing multiplayer, I tried to enter the Bridge District, and it crashed. Hardcore. I don't know what I did, but here're all the mods I've installed (In the order they were installed)

Dungeon Be Gone


Getting Rid of Anomen

BG2 fix pack

BG2 tweak pack

NPC flirt pack

Divine remix



Anyone have any idea what happened? Should I just do a completely fresh install? *Sigh* This'll teach me...

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I have no idea at what might be happening, so I might suggest a reinstall, but have you been playing for a while and are now entering the bridge district for the first time?


I've found that it's best if you breifly visit all areas of Athkatla before you start any quests, as some of the scripted encounters (particularly in the Bridge and Graveyard districts) can crash the game if there's more than one trying to happen at once.


If that is the case, you might be able to use an older save and enter the district earlier.

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