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Oil of Fiery Burning

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That's actually the primary combat use of potions in Darklands. And yes, the characters have animations for potion-throwing :)


Anyone want to mod in "al-Razi's Fleadust", "Gerard of C's Eater Water" or "Raimundus L's Sunburst" ?


"al-Razi's Noxious Aroma" would be a thrown Stinking Cloud potion, I assume.


A few others don't translate all that well to the Realms.

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Always liked the feeling of four random gloryseekers setting up camp a bowshot from the walls, then declaring that the raubritter's castle is now under siege :)

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// thrown oil of fiery burning shouldn't say 'gulp!'
COPY_EXISTING ~potn13.itm~ ~override~
 READ_LONG   0x64 "abil_off"
 READ_SHORT  0x68 "abil_num"
 READ_LONG   0x6a "fx_off"
 FOR (index = 0; index < abil_num; index = index + 1) BEGIN // looks for melee ability header
READ_SHORT  (0x1e + "%abil_off%" + ("%index%" * 0x38)) "abil_fx_num"
READ_SHORT  (0x20 + "%abil_off%" + ("%index%" * 0x38)) "abil_fx_idx"
FOR (index2 = 0; index2 < abil_fx_num; index2 = index2 + 1) BEGIN
  READ_BYTE ("%fx_off%" +		(("%abil_fx_idx%" + "%index2%") * 0x30)) "opcode"
  PATCH_IF ("%opcode%" = 139) BEGIN  // display string
	WRITE_BYTE ("%fx_off%" + 0x12 + (("%abil_fx_idx%" + "%index2%") * 0x30)) 0 // probability 0

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