Sir Ajantis NPC For BGII

For German players, you can read more about this mod on the German modding community Kerzenburg on this page: Ajantis BG Expansion / Sir Ajantis for BGII

This modification introduces Ajantis, the known BG1 NPC, paladin of the Order of the Radiant Heart into the SoA and ToB part of the game. It is compatible with BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET.

With this modification Ajantis can be acquired as a member of the PC's group after the fight in the Windspear Hills (which was not changed by the mod principally). The player must first solve a quest to free Ajantis from Firkraag's ransom.

The modification contains a fully developed engaged romance path, which continues the Ajantis Romance from the BG1 NPC Project, a new beginnings romance, and a friendship path.

Contentwise, the mod assumes that Ajantis travelled with the PC in BG1 for some time. It was there that Ajantis gained enough honor to be knighted.

For EET and BGT in a continuous game Ajantis will not spawn in BGII if he died in BG1 or never joined the goup.

In ToB, Ajantis will not travel with an evil aligned PC.

For the EE games (BGII:EE and EET) the second optional component will install the BeamDog inventory BAM for Ajantis' family shield (green dragon on golden ground). If not installed, the BG1NPC Project shield graphic will be used.

A third optional component will install crossmod content included into this mod.

Summary of Content

  • Quest "searching for Ajantis" with custom indoor area
  • More event triggered dialogues
  • Interjections to game events
  • At Garren's place, the PC and Ajantis will meet Eila, Garren's niece who knows Ajantis from their childhood. To this, a small quest will start later in the Government District.
  • Ajantis has at least two banters with every non-evil BioWare NPC. With some evil-aligned NPCs, he has only one. Ajantis will not stay in the group with Dorn or Hexxat.
  • Ajantis has his family shield (from BG1 romance), which can be upgraded by Cromwell and Cespenar.
  • The first Mae'Var quest, stealing from a temple, was extended so the item doesn't have to be stolen to finish it. Just talk directly to the highest priest in the temple (Wheathermistress Ada / Dawnmaster Kreel). This quest extension is available independently on whether Ajantis is in the party. The mod Alternatives offers the same content, the mods are compatible.

Complement Mod: Ajantis Portrait Pack

Available as a separate download, the Mod gives a choice of custom portraits for Ajantis. The Ajantis Portrait Pack is compatible with BG1, TotSC, BGT, Tutu, BG:EE, BGII:EE, and EET. It detects the game install automatically. For the BGII part of the game, the portrait is meant for the Sir Ajantis NPC for BGII mod, but can be installed independently.

NOTE: For all games, the portraits have the same naming convention as the BG1 default portrait since with v15 and up, the Sir Ajantis for BGII mod uses the game portrait (which is also present in all BG2 games). This means, that if you installed an Ajantis portrait from another source the same portrait will be used as well in the BGII part of the game without need of further action.

Many thanks to the artists for granting permission to include them as alternatives for Ajantis: Amaurea, Azguz aka Azze, berelinde, Casul, Catlepha, Domi, Miloch, Plasmocat, Rabain, Senka and wonnimchunha!

You can view previews of the portraits in the gallery, or view the readme (English, German) or head straight to the download page.