Gavin for Baldur's Gate II

This mod adds the NPC Gavin to Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn games. Gavin can be found in the Temple of Ilmater, on the roof of the Copper Coronet in the Slums. Gavin is a cleric of Lathander.

Gavin was born in Ulgoth's Beard, one of the younger children of a sailmaker and a midwife. He had an unremarkable childhood, until, at the age of 12, he discovered he had a talent for healing. At this point, he began his religious instruction at the Song of the Morning temple in Beregost.

Perhaps you met Gavin on the Sword Coast during your travels there, or perhaps you are meeting him for the first time. Either way, he will be happy to lend his hammer and his faith to your cause.


  • 16 Strength
  • 12 Dexterity
  • 16 Constitution
  • 12 Intelligence
  • 17 Wisdom
  • 12 Charisma


Gavin banters extensively with the protagonist and with other party members. There are no gender, class, or alignment restrictions for friendship.

Gavin will attempt to befriend an evil protagonist, but he is still a Dawnbringer of Lathander. If the protagonist is evil, he will attempt to redeem him or her, though the protagonist is free to rebuke his efforts.


Gavin will attempt to romance a female protagonist of any race or alignment, though he will not romance assassins.

In order to continue a committed romance, the protagonist will need to have been eligible for his romance in Baldur's Gate, but any female protagonist who is not an assassin and whose wisdom and charisma are both 8 or better may begin a romance in Baldur's Gate II.

  • Gender: Gavin will only romance a female protagonist.
  • Alignment: To continue a committed relationship, the protagonist will need to be good-aligned, but she need not be good-aligned to begin a new romance in Amn. Even so, Gavin will not commit to an evil-aligned protagonist unless she is redeemed.
  • Class restrictions: To continue a committed relationship, the protagonist could not have been an assassin, a bounty hunter, or a necromancer. Now, Gavin will only refuse to romance an assassin.
  • Stat requirement: To continue a committed relationship, the protagonist will have needed a wisdom of 10 or better and a charisma of 12 or better. To begin a new romance, the protagonist's wisdom and charisma need only be 8 or better.
  • Reputation: Gavin has no reputation requirements for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

Alternate Portraits

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