Vynd is a Drow Assassin, recruitable at the Burning Wizard inn in Beregost. Though evil in alignment, he will not complain or leave due to reputation. (Unfortunately, this feature is not currently supported in BG:EE.)

This mod adds Vynd, a Neutral Evil Drow Assassin, to the game.

He is proficient in Long Swords and Darts. Players will have to pay a small fee to recruit him.

Vynd includes a dialogue track with the player character consisting of 20 talks, banters with all Bioware NPCs (including the four Enhanced Edition newcomers), numerous interjections and extensive player-initiated dialogue.

At any time after Vynd's first friendship talk, the player character may talk to Vynd directly. However, not all dialogue options are immediately available. More will appear as his timed talks progress, or once he's bantered enough times with other characters. Check back periodically for new content!