Yoshimo's Remorse

Was that truly the ending to Yoshimo's adventures with the Bhaalspawn? Is there simply no way to redeem himself or explain his actions to the PC?

Yoshimo's Remorse is a mod for BG2:ToB that makes Yoshimo a playable character in Throne of Bhaal. However, he is not what you expect him to be... So prepare yourself for some more adventures and talks with the infamous bounty hunter, a tormented soul that was left with nothing but regrets. Listen to him as this may be his last chance to find peace.

Yoshimo's Remorse includes:

  • 7 timered "friendship" talks
  • 3 additional talks upon mentioning former romantic feelings
  • Talks fired by circumstances
  • Multiple epilogues depending on your actions
  • 2 banters with all BioWare NPCs and Beamdog NPCs
  • Interjections
  • New Items
  • Cutscenes
  • An encounter with a new minor character

The mod may be installed along with Yoshimo Romance, but if such relationship took place in SoA, he won't appear in ToB and the content from the Yoshimo Romance mod will happen instead. Yoshimo's Remorse was not designed to work with Keeping Yoshimo, but some check may be included in new versions of the mod.

The romantic feelings admitted in friendship talks are not a romance, but simply unlocks talks that let Yoshimo comment and discuss the matter further.