This mod aims to provide a more climatic ending to Throne of Bhaal by adding a final assault into Bhaal's realm. Upon closing their pocket plane, the main character will find themself pulled into Gehenna where they will need to reach Bhaal's kingdom by fighting through local denizens and the forces of Amelyssan the Blackhearted until they can finally reach Bhaal's throne.


Crucible features a continuation of the story once the player closes their pocket plane in ToB. Instead of immediately beginning the final fight at the Throne of Blood, the player will find themself in Gehenna outside of Bhaal's kingdom. From here, the player will need to assault Bhaal's kingdom and fight to the Throne. This mod includes about a dozen new areas, created by Acifer, and delves into the lore surrounding Bhaal while offering many new and challenging opponents and tactical encounters. The player should expect the mod to add about 1 to 3 hours to the game.


Difficulty for this mod is heavily tied to the difficulty slider to include the numbers and types of enemies encountered along with the abilities they choose to use. Insane and LoB difficulties are going to be in line with Tactics/Ascension level difficulty while anything less will be much more approachable to users who avoid difficulty increasing mods.


This mod is for Enhanced Edition ONLY and compatible with Ascension and mods that add IWD spells into Baldur's Gate. In both instances, Crucible needs to be installed after these mods.

Emerging Technology

This mod uses ai voice acting for net new characters courtesy of Replica Studios and Any characters with prior voice work, such as NPCs, do NOT have voice acting for any new lines of dialog.

Special Thanks

  • Lava, thank you for the numerous bam files and feedback
  • lowman02, thank you for the testing and feedback
  • Cam for all of your help and assistance. The reasons are many, thank you.
  • DarthNihilus530 for providing the Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • loViVo for providing the Spanish translation.
  • alaisFcZ for coordinating and assisting with Spanish translation.
  • All those who assisted in testing and providing feedback! I appreciate every single one of you for all that you do!