Heroes, Thieves, and Moneylenders

Heroes, Thieves, and Moneylenders is a mod for BG2 or BG2EE that adds new quests, episodes and characters, several new areas, additional banters and interjections for NPCs from the main game and from some other mods.

Heroes, Thieves and Moneylenders is a mod by the Russian Arcanecoast Team--specifically Austin, Scheele, Alisia, tipun, and Gorionar--who have been long-time translators of several G3 mods. We're pleased to offer their mod!

The mod consists of several independent components:

Component 1. «Interjections & Mini-quests» (by Austin & Arcanecoast Team):

  • expansion of reactions of NPC (party members) to story events SoA & ToB
  • a few new mini-quests (for example, if Cernd in the party, a mini-quest with milking a cow in the Slums will be available, in the Government District a nobleman will give a new quest, etc.
  • new NPC reactions to killing powerful monsters (dragons, lich Kangaxx)
  • new dialogs between the protagonist and the NPC (for example, a large dialogue with Edwin in the Underdark)
  • new banters between NPCs
  • when you guess riddles in Spellhold, your companions will no longer be silent! Each of them (including the cross-mod NPCs from "BG1 NPCs in BG2" mod) will give their opinion on the riddles!
  • extended solution to the quest about Kaza book, if the group has Keldorn, Edwin or both together (in this case, there will be a dispute between them)
  • expansion of some standard quests. For example, to Umar Hills, the quest with the extraction of a gem from a chicken can now be solved in many ways - from using your ranger or druid skills to attracting NPC druids and NPC rangers
  • after completing quests in Trademeet and defeating Firkraag, in taverns, you may meet a storyteller telling about it (but be prepared that in his stories everything will be presented a little differently from what it really was)
  • after installing statues in Trademeet, the names of specific NPC companions will now be written on them, and not a general non-specific phrase
  • Keldorn and Cernd's reaction to each other's family quests (if someone's quest is completed before the other and both are in a group)
  • and more

Component 2. «First Calimport Bank Pack» (by Scheele & Austin & Arcanecoast Team):

Adds a new bank area on the Waukeen Promenade, quests, miniquests and various dialogues related to the bank, as well as an additional quest in Brynnlaw at three new areas, many new characters (and on the EE version, the two creatures will also have new animations). New area maps drawn by Gorion.

In the bank, you can open an account, top up the balance, check the balance and withdraw money from the account. Each game week, 2% of the total amount will be added to the account.

There are two different ways to get quests - one quest branch will start if there is Korgan in the group and completed his quest about Kaza's book, and the second - if the player agrees to help the half-orc collector that the player will meet.

The beginning of one of the two quest branch will block the parallel quest branch, so both options can be completed only with two different playthroughs of the game.

Both branches will end with the quest "Pirate Legacy".

If you successfully complete the first branch of the quests, you can also ask a new ally for help in the fight against Bodhi in Chapter 6.

Component 3. «Shadow-Covered Love & Death» (by Alisia & Austin):


  • for female characters: a big romance with the head of the thieves guild Aran Linvail (as with a non-group NPC) and a series of new quests (from large to microquests) that will become available as this relationship develops. Also included are flirting, reactions of other NPCs, a small episode in ToB, a new epilogue of the game with an active romance, the two quests listed below, and more!
  • for male characters, this component adds two quests in the Thieves guild: the first quest will be given by Renal after completing his task (you should wait for the messenger on the street) in chapter 3, and the second major quest will be given by Aran after the death of Bodhi in chapter 6, provided that the player earlier took control of stronghold thieves.

Take your time to complete the third chapter, there is a lot of new things in it!

Component 4. «The Missing Troll Case» (by Alisia & Austin):

Adds two new interconnected detective-focused quests to SoA. The story begins after the player solves a problem with the Waukeen Promenade circus. Expect a messenger from the circus with a problem report.
This component has one new area.

Component 5. «Unlocked original NPC reactions» (by Tipun & Austin):

There were situations in the game when only one of all the NPCs spoke, although the developers provided replicas for each. After installing this component, all NPCs in the party will speak.