Baldur's Gate: Shadow Hand Total Conversion

An all-new adventure, "Shadow Hand" continues the Baldur's Gate story with only one assumption: your Bhaalspawn chose mortality at the end of Throne of Bhaal.

This mod will include:

  • An original storyline set in the Sword Coast, thirty years after the events in Throne of Bhaal
  • 6 new joinable NPCs
  • New NPCs, monsters, items, and encounters
  • Exciting subquests (and menial ones too!)
  • Many voiced lines
  • Original soundtrack

Joinable NPCs

Shadow Hand introduces 6 new joinable NPCs: Kifor, Stewart, Jen, Argal, Cal, and Loren


Male, Chaotic Good Human Thief

Bio: When asked about his past, Kifor glares at you and says that his past is irrelevant and no one's business but his own. He insists that his joining with you is for work purposes only.


Male, Lawful Neutral Human Cleric

Bio: When asked about his past, Stewart insists that he led a simple life in a small village north of Baldur's Gate with his brother and father. His faith in Lathander grew stronger after his entire village was destroyed by a horde of undead. He strives to reach the rank of Dawnbringer, where he will be a full priest of Lathander but before he can do so, he claims he must complete his mission of vanquishing as many undead as possible.


Female, Chaotic Good Human Ranger

Bio: Jen was born to a wealthy family in Neverwinter but soon left home after being "bored silly" as she puts it, to explore the Sword Coast on her own. She respects both nature and people alike, but cannot stay in one place for very long. She is young but her experience in the wilderness is impressive for one her age.


Male, Neutral Evil Dwarf Fighter

Bio: Any inquiries about Argal's past have resulted in fits of swearing. He claims he joined you to "get paid and get going".


Female, Lawful Evil Half Elf Mage

Bio: Calia, or "Cal" as she prefers to be called, is the daughter of a prostitute from Athkatla. When you ask her about her past, she proceeds to tell you a long winded story about being taken in by a priest of Helm after her mother abandoned her. She then claims she was kidnapped by a powerful mage who taught her everything she knows. It's hard to tell whether or not she is telling the truth, but it is probably best not to ask as she is very eager to talk about herself...perhaps too eager.


Male, Lawful Good Human Paladin

Bio: Sir Loren is a knight of the Companions of Noble Heart, an organization of paladins devoted to Ilmater that seek to destroy those that enjoy bringing suffering to others. He explains that his father is also a knight (a famous one according to Loren), but has gone missing. Loren suspects that a personal rival of his, a priestess of Loviatar, is responsible for this and he swears he will do everything in his power to find his father and bring the priestess to justice.