Thieving Skills for Bards

This mod allows Bards and Bard Kits (including those from mods) to use Pick Locks, Find/Disarm Traps, and Pick Pockets in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, and the Enhanced Edition Trilogy. I created this mod to give players an alternative to having to shoehorn a Thief into every party. Most classes can cover down on similar/shared abilities, but only Thieves had access to certain (highly important) abilities that no other class could quite perform: pick locks and disarm traps. Yes, Knock could act as a makeshift Pick Lock costing valuable spell slots and you could bash the lock, but these options come at the expense of lost experience. Now, you have the option to choose an alternative to Thieves and change up your gameplay a little bit.

From level 1 to level 5, the Bard will receive 10 skill points in Pick Locks, 10 skill points in Find/Disarm Traps, and 5 skill points in Pick Pockets. From level 6 to level 20, the Bard will receive 5 skills points each in Pick Locks, Find/Disarm Traps, and Pick Pockets. The Action Bar is updated via EEex to allow Bards to Sing, Detect Traps, and Use Thieving Abilities at the loss of the quickspell.

PLEASE NOTE: EEex is required to be installed for this mod to work.