News Archive - Current Year 2021

: G3 Welcomes Enhanced Powergaming Scripts

The Gibberlings Three is proud to welcome a new mod by @morpheus562!

Enhanced Powergaming Scripts is a collection of player AI scripts designed for use in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition and the Enhanced Edition Trilogy. With these scripts, you can focus on the fighting aspect of combat while these take care of the nuances in the background. Of note, these scripts allow easy pre-buffing of all characters with a keystroke, intelligent debuffing of enemy protections, and smart use of defensive spells and abilities.

You can check out the mod page and readme for further details, ask questions on the forum, or download it and start playing!

: G3 Welcomes Transitions, A Mod by Lauriel

G3 is proud to welcome a new mod to the site: Transitions, by Lauriel.

Transitions requires EET, BGEE, SoD, or BG2EE.  It smooths out the transitions between Baldur's Gate campaigns and allows continued play after boss enemies have been defeated. In addition, it adds personal housing, another Bhaalspawn power, quests, and other content.

Take a look at the project pageforum, and readme - then download it!