News Archive - Current Year 2021

: Sword Coast Stratagems version 34 is now available

Sword Coast Stratagems is a collection of interconnected mini-mods for Baldur's Gate (on the BGT/BGTUTU/BGEE versions) and Baldur's Gate II. It is primarily a tactical and AI-enhancement mod: the idea is to make the game's combat more interesting, tactically challenging, and realistic by more effective use of, and choices of, creatures' abilities. It also contains a few rule tweaks and ease-of-use features.

Version 34 is largely a bug-fixing release: it fixes several issues (some critical) caused by the release of version 2.6 of BGEE/BG2EE, corrects a severe bug in mage AI accidentally introduced in v33.5, and solves 20-odd more minor issues. It also updates the Icewind Dale spells to IWDEE2.6, makes those spells available on non-Enhanced-edition versions of the game, adds a small new component for BG1 (Improved Carsa/Kahrk interaction), allows enemy spellcasters to use Icewind Dale spells even if the Spell Revisions mod is installed, and makes a few other minor AI and spellsystem tweaks.

Grab it direct here. You can also visit the extensive project pages, readme, or SCS forum for more information.

: Lauriel's Framed Mod Officially Arrives

We're happy to welcome another mod from @Lauriel.  The Framed mod for BGEE and EET provides 2 different versions of Chapter 6 and makes going to Candlekeep a possible side quest not involving the Iron Throne.

You can visit the project pagereadme, and forum to learn more about the mod or head to the download page right now.

: Welcome to the Bardic Appraisal Mod

The Bardic Appraisal mod is a small WeiDU mod that adds an ability to bards (including all kits) that allows them to appraise any identified item in the party. It adds a single, at-will ability for any bard, kitted or unkitted. The ability will prompt a dialogue which will allow you to appraise any identified item in the party's possession. The mod will work on any game, save PsT or PsTEE. Grab it from the Download Center, learn more about it from the readme or project page, or join us on the forums or Discord.

: Crossmod Banter Pack for Baldur's Gate II v20 Now Available

Thanks to the hard work of Lava, version 20 of the Crossmod Banter Pack for Baldur's Gate II is now available. This mod will add new material for between various Baldur's Gate II mods including banters, romance conflicts and interjections. Version 20 adds PI integration as well as a ton of new banters.

The mod is available from the G3 download center, or you can learn more about the mod by perusing the readme, project page, forum, or joining us on Discord

: IWD Crossmod Banter Pack v1.4 available!

This mod adds crossmod content - including banters, interjections and romance conflicts - to several NPC mods for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, as well as serving as a hub for crossmod of future mods for IWD:EE.

Version 1.4 includes content for the newest NPCs - L'anna and Hommet. Full list of talks is available at the project's page.

Learn more about the mod on the project page, readme, forum, or Discord, or head straight to the downloads to get it. 

: Widescreen v3.08 Released

The Widescreen Mod allows the original versions of Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter and Icewind Dale II to be played at previously unsupported resolutions, like those of widescreen monitors. @lynx has put together v3.08, a new maintenance release, to address some minor issues and to work better with GemRB and Project Infinity. You can get it from the downloads page, browse the Readme or project page, or join us on the forum or Discord.

: Yoshimo's Remorse v3.0 Released

Was the event at the Asylum truly the ending to Yoshimo's adventures with the Bhaalspawn? Is there simply no way to redeem himself? Yoshimo's Remorse is a mod for BG2:ToB that makes Yoshimo a playable character in Throne of Bhaal. However, he is not what you expect him to be... Prepare yourself for new adventures and talks with the infamous bounty hunter, a tormented soul that was left with nothing but regrets. Listen to him as this may be his last chance to find peace. v3.0 fixes a number of issues from the previous release. Grab it from the download page, learn more from the readme or project page, or come join us on the forums.

: BG1NPC updates to v27!

BG1NPC updates to v27 with bugfixes. Thank you to Coland (Italian) and Arkie (Russian) for updating the language versions to the v27 changes!

Version 27 also comes with a new component by @Angel !

Thank you very much to Angel for providing this component. Now the legacy spear quest reward for Kivan makes more sense if Kivan can have weapon pips in spears instead of halberd in BG:EE! Learn more about the mod on the project page or readme or head straight to the download center. Join us on the forum or Discord to talk about it!

: Version 12 of G3 Anniversary Released

The G3 Anniversary mod was created by the resident modders on the site's first anniversary as a way to thank our wonderful community. It features one long (and admittedly somewhat silly) quest that can be initiated by speaking a Drini, a half-elf in the Copper Coronet. Version 12 adds a new Russian translation, courtesy of stn, and adds Project Infinity integration. More information about the mod is available in the readme or on its project page. You can download the mod or come and join us on the forums.

: Wheels of Prophecy v8.5 Now Available

The Wheels of Prophecy is a mod for Baldur's Gate II and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition by DavidW, author of Sword Coast Stratagems, adding new content, dialog and roleplaying options to the Throne of Bhaal expansion. It makes only minor changes to the main storyline but allows the player to interact with that storyline in a much more non-linear way. Version 8.5 is a maintenance update, correcting some minor issues since the last formal release. . More information about the mod is available in the readme or on its project page. You can download the mod or come and join us on the forums.

: SoD to BG2EE Item Upgrade v2.0.0 Released

SoD to BG2EE Item Upgrade is a mod for BG2:EE that brings in many more items from Siege of Dragonspear, IWD, and even new spells to BGEE, BG2EE and EET, placing them into thoughtful locations througout the campaings of each game.  The mod also has an optional component to force importation of the SoD items that a player can normally import into BG2:EE at their normal locations, along with other optional components for cromwell's equipped items, choice of items imported from BG1 to BG2, and item rename/recolors for consistency.

Many of the newly added items also have upgrade paths via Cromwell and Cespenar!

Not to leave out the more magically-inclined, the mod even includes several new spells!

Version 2.0.0 brings *tons* more items in from SoD and IWD, adds support for BGEE, more spells, revised upgrade for several items, and the code has been completely reworked for better compatibility with EET so that you can enjoy this mod throughout your Bhaalspawn's entire legacy!

You can learn more information on the project page, discuss the mod on the forum, or download it now.

: G3 Introduces the Lore From Learning Mod (Now v2)

G3 is pleased to introduce the The Lore From Learning mod, a small WeiDU mod that adds lore bonuses to your main character as you learn and adventure throughout the game. The bonuses (and the stimuli that provide them) are, by design, meant to be minor and enhance the role-playing aspect of the game.

Explore the new mod on its project page, readme, and forum or download it directly.

: G3 Welcomes Enhanced Powergaming Scripts

The Gibberlings Three is proud to welcome a new mod by @morpheus562!

Enhanced Powergaming Scripts is a collection of player AI scripts designed for use in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition and the Enhanced Edition Trilogy. With these scripts, you can focus on the fighting aspect of combat while these take care of the nuances in the background. Of note, these scripts allow easy pre-buffing of all characters with a keystroke, intelligent debuffing of enemy protections, and smart use of defensive spells and abilities.

You can check out the mod page and readme for further details, ask questions on the forum, or download it and start playing!

: G3 Welcomes Transitions, A Mod by Lauriel

G3 is proud to welcome a new mod to the site: Transitions, by Lauriel.

Transitions requires EET, BGEE, SoD, or BG2EE.  It smooths out the transitions between Baldur's Gate campaigns and allows continued play after boss enemies have been defeated. In addition, it adds personal housing, another Bhaalspawn power, quests, and other content.

Take a look at the project pageforum, and readme - then download it!