News Archive - 2023

: Road to Discovery updates to v1.0!

Road to Discovery (RtD)

A mod for Siege of Dragonspear in a BGEE or EET setting.

Authored by jastey with one component from Lauriel's Themed Tweaks mod, RtD opens up roleplaying by allowing the player to discuss and reveal what they learn about Caelar Argent and her crusade with allies in the coalition and other NPCs throughout the campaign.

Version v1.0 comes with more improvements.


- Scrypool Scene with Hephernaan will no longer lead to hints about fiend master. PC can tell officers about "Umbral Accord" instead.
- Scrypool Scene will no longer lead to conclusion that Hephrnaan is betraying Caelar.
- Sir Deggernaut will have appropriate scripts in camps.
- Added extra reply option to Daeros dialogue to learn about fiend master. Hearing about "dark creature in mirror" will no longer lead to this knowledge directly.
- Variable "C#RtD_HephernaanVisual" has value of 2: "PC knows that Hephernaan [who is Caelar's advisor] is working with Umbral Accord"; added "C#RtD_CoalHephernaanVisual" accordingly; updated readme and docs with description.
- Updated links in sodrtd.ini.


Learn more from the project page or readme, join us on the forums, or download RtD.