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  1. This is one particular quest that I especially wish hadn't been cut out. To me, it fits precisely with Viconia's character as portrayed throughout the game, and does indeed portray at least a little view of her drow nature and the more 'evil' side of Viconia. In my opinion, Viconia's relationship with the PC (whether male or female) could only benefit from more interactions where Viconia shows more of her character and unique (at least among the Bioware 17) upbringing. She IS drow, she IS neutral evil, and taking away from this is, in my opinion, detrimental to her character. This isn't to say that I'm at all against her alignment change in ToB, though I do think that should have been handled differently. ToB's just too damned short. Don't know. I guess I just see Viconia's neutral evil alignment as being very fitting of the characterizations she displays in SoA. NE people are often hedonistic, self-centered. To me, Viccie just epitomizes these qualities. Ah well, don't mind me too much. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would hate to see Viconia's temperment changed in the SoA relationship. I am most certainly glad to see this mod being worked on; I've long thought Viconia should have been a romance option for characters of either gender. Good luck with the mod!
  2. Just looks like there should have been another PC response somewhere in there. Not a line that gets seen very often, I imagine, as it's a romance ender anyway.
  3. As another victim of computer death, I can sympathize. I tend to keep hard copies of everything, though..so glad I did.
  4. Jessayla


    nods, the second one is the one I've done the least work with thus far. I'm not really happy with her breastplate yet, and as you mentioned, Bri, the mouth's off a bit. I did look at Karse's Jolie pic, but it just didn't fit well with my mental pictures for Tabiya. These will, I think, when I can get them adjusted to suit.
  5. It's certainly good to be back! I've so much reading to do though! The creativity of the BG2 community just astounds me.
  6. Jessayla


    nods, the portrait portal's tutorial is how I got those as decent as I did. They're far from finalized, but I'm happy in the general direction they're going.
  7. As usual, looking wonderful, Bri. I, too, love the way you've captured the inner conflict of Delainy's upbringing and very heritage versus her attempts to make herself as unobstrusive as possible. This could be worded slightly better..something like "It was hard for me to grasp the idea that females would do such a thing just to try and attract a mate." Just a nit-picky thing; as a whole, it's beautiful.
  8. Jessayla


    And this second portrait is used if Tabiya is completely corrupted to evil. Poor girl. Anyway, how can I make them better? And yes, I do have a 'thing' for Angelina Jolie. I saw the picture I used as a base for this second portrait and just couldn't pass it up.
  9. Jessayla


    Well, my time since getting a working computer back hasn't been completely idle. Here's the latest portraits I've been working on for Tabi. They're not perfect, as my Photoshop "skills" are far from the best, but I'm kinda fond of them. Here's Tabiya's starting portrait:
  10. Ohmigod, this has been a rough six months. The Gibberlings Three looks more like the Gibberlings Twelve now...wow. So many interesting new projects. I *am* very much so still working on Tabiya. My computer died a dramatic death as a result of one of the moves I've done in the past months, though fortunately most of my material for Tabi is all on paper anyway. It's very good to have a functional machine again, though. I am currently in the process of finding out just how little I know about scripting. It's scary, but I figure if I can make the scary script-thing do what I want it to do, then converting my dialogues into Weidu-ese should be (relatively) easy. Famous last words, right?
  11. For anyone that likes fantasy and doesn't mind a little spicy reading, the Kushiel's Legacy trilogy by Jacqueline Carey is probably the best I've ever read, and I read a *lot*. The writing and storyline are just incredible, and the characters are unique and unforgettable.
  12. Alright, so I was working a bit today on one of the new areas, and I started thinking. What, exactly, would you guys like to see in a mod? A long romance, or a shorter one? Lots of quest-y goodness? Tough battles, easily won battles? Just looking for some opinions here, as the current scenario is yet quite flexible within its arc.
  13. Exactly, Bri. Right now I'm leaning towards there not ever having been a special someone in Tabiya's life. So there's probably no serious relationships in her past, and almost certainly nothing sexual. Her paladin order is vastly different from orders such as the Radiant Heart, however..Sune's followers would naturally be a bit more..open-minded..in all things romantic, I imagine.
  14. You know, this is one of those details I've not completely decided on either way. I can think up plenty of reasons to justify her being either experienced or a bit naive. Each has its own merits. What do y'all think makes more sense, keeping in mind her somewhat confined upbringing, yet also the fact that she's a Sunite through and through..
  15. Jessayla

    Stats and Such

    TAB-ee-yah. As far as stats go, I'm quite flexible with them. I *may* up her con a point or two, but paladins already tend to be statistical powerhouses, and I'd like to avoid that, if possible.
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