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  1. Version v5


    From Idobek: "This mod started as a request (by me) in the Divine Remix workroom for Anomen to be awarded a Priest of Helm kit upon passing his knighthood test. Deciding this was outside Remix's remit I quickly spun it off into its own mod--perhaps too quickly. A couple of days later I thought that the mod could be bigger and the NPC Kitpack was born, designed simply to give those NPCs without kits the chance improve their lot. Originally I had only planned on giving each NPC one of the original BioWare kits. This, however, turned out not to be feasible. This mod will add four new kits and provide the opportunity to give a kit to eight of the BioWare NPCs." Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. Version v3


    The Mod Kit Remover is a WeiDU mod that will remove all mod or all mod and BioWare kits from the character creation screen. The mod was primarily made because The Darkest Day fills all available kit slots, but players wished to use kits from other mods when playing it. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  3. Here's an example of how to scan weapprof.2da to find your kit's column and update the values with those taken of the parent class. This will take into account all mods which change these values, no checks required. COPY_EXISTING ~weapprof.2da~ ~override~ READ_2DA_ENTRY 2 53 1 "kitname" FOR (column = 53; "%kitname%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "IK_ADVENTURER" != 0; column = column + 1) BEGIN READ_2DA_ENTRY 2 column 1 "kitname" END FOR (row = 11; row < 35; row = row + 1) BEGIN READ_2DA_ENTRY row 7 1 "thief" SET_2DA_ENTRY row column 1 thief // Adventurer END BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES
  4. I would prefer to think that a ranger's racial enemy selects them. So, gnolls became Minsc's racial enemy when they kidnapped his witch and liches became Valygar's racial enemy following his mothers conversion.
  5. Not his mother, perhaps, but all other liches? Yes, I think he might have an issue with them. I feel his mother being a lich enforces the argument for them to be his racial enemy. I see it as an extension of his strained relationship with magic.
  6. Now I like that idea. I might even steal it.
  7. Don't be like that. You posted your ideas and your arguments for them. We posted our arguements against. This is what a discussion board is for. Also notice that nobody has yet disagreed that something has to be done with Anomen. Including myself and I have a mod that tries to correct this.
  8. I'd say that's the entire point. Also, those thief levels make little or no difference to her mage power, so why remove them? Oh, and NPC Kit Pack has the option to give Nalia a mage kit.
  9. It doesn't matter in the slightest what is there--the offset isn't used in spells. A lot of files have junk in them. As it is supposed to, yes. Possibly yes, but that discussion belongs in the IESDP forum.
  10. You want UNIDENTIFIED_DESC not DESC. Nobody's quite sure what those offsets are, NI has both down as possible resrefs but for what is unknown.
  11. You're wrong. The unIDed description offset is 0x50 (4 bytes) the IDed description offset is 0x54 (also 4 bytes). Spells and items are the same. Although spells don't actually require IDed names or descriptions, Cam has an er... (insert nice word for "anal" here) side.
  12. Which mirror did you download from and what anti-virus software are you using?
  13. I think I'll take Omega Male because I suspect women use "Not if you were the last man on Earth!" without really thinking about it.
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