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  1. Version v5


    From Idobek: "This mod started as a request (by me) in the Divine Remix workroom for Anomen to be awarded a Priest of Helm kit upon passing his knighthood test. Deciding this was outside Remix's remit I quickly spun it off into its own mod--perhaps too quickly. A couple of days later I thought that the mod could be bigger and the NPC Kitpack was born, designed simply to give those NPCs without kits the chance improve their lot. Originally I had only planned on giving each NPC one of the original BioWare kits. This, however, turned out not to be feasible. This mod will add four new kits and provide the opportunity to give a kit to eight of the BioWare NPCs." Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. Version v3


    The Mod Kit Remover is a WeiDU mod that will remove all mod or all mod and BioWare kits from the character creation screen. The mod was primarily made because The Darkest Day fills all available kit slots, but players wished to use kits from other mods when playing it. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  3. I met up with Cam yesterday. We spent several hours in the pub discussing the reasons why things would be so much better if we were running the world (modding and real).
  4. I am due to meet Cam in London on Sunday (today). Unfortunately I haven't had any communication with him since Thursday and "London on Sunday" is unlikely to result in a meeting without more detail to the plan. Hopefully I shall be able to contact him in the morning.
  5. Cam, are you sure about the maintenance advantages of option 2? It seems to me that with option 1 you can intergrate fixes during the beta phase and iron out any subsequent bugs. With option 2 you'll end up having to intergrate two stable sets of fixes, at which point bugs might be introduced (copy/paste type errors are often the hardest to track down, or even notice). Unless you simply comment out the "BEGIN ~Beta Fixes~" line but, somehow, I don't think you will. Edit: And, yes, I realise that if I had actually helped maintain the tweak packs for the last couple of years I wouldn't need to ask.
  6. I favour option one, largely from a PR and brand image standpoint. As seanas testifies, some people do not read, or simply ignore, warnings. Unfortunately it is these same people who refuse to come here to report their problems. The net result being that the SP, Planet BG and Bioware boards are full of people complaining that the new fix pack is buggy, all because they installed the beta component once. ("TDD broke my game so all mods are crap!") Option one won't eliminate that but, by ensuring that it is the stable version that gets most of the publicity, it will lessen its effect. The people I describe above are a tiny minority, but they do also tend to be a vocal one.
  7. The in game definitions should be a starting point, not the be all and end all. As you say, if we followed them to the letter, many characters would fit several and no alignments. If feel I should expand a little on TN and apathy. I agree with you that if someone if truely cares about nothing then perhaps he is TN, but I still think that is a very rare condition. IMO, CN is more suited because an "I don't give a crap" demeaner tends to go hand in hand with an "I can do what I damn well please" attitude. When you say "apathy is applied rather randomly in that alignment" I agree, but then apathy usually is. The same people who don't care who runs the government do moan about the policing policy in their neighbourhood.
  8. Okay, we have entirely different thoughts on what constitutes TN. Personally, I think apathy is more of a CN trait. TN, for me, necessitates belief and should be one of the, if not the, rarist of alignments; not the default one.
  9. I doubt Madulf volunteered for the army, he was probably conscripted; unfortunately there is no evidence of that. I think it is important to stress, again, that the lawful part of lawful good doesn't refer to the law as such (although sometimes they coincide), rather to a set of morals or a code. So, in the law says one thing, and the code another, the code wins. In this case I'd argue Madulf's pacifism points to a LG alignment. In is the more general point I want to make, however, so a NG Madulf is fine. I can't argue for the Windspear children to be LG but how many children do you know who are TN?
  10. I'd still maintain that Madulf is LG but I won't argue with NG, with certain exceptions (eg paladins) these alignments usually "close enough" to not worry about. Harpers are just a pain, pick anything for jarev1 except evil, LN and, unless he is a druid, TN and it could an argument could be made for it. Why is Errard (the Flaming Fist) LG? I would say LN is a better alignment for your standard FF, but I forget who he is.
  11. I really can't see why it should be necessary, but go ahead and use it if you want.
  12. I don't think anybody would object to that, but why not simply require the fixpack to be installed?
  13. I had a quick look and I can't find any action or effect that will select spells for memorization. If there are no spells greyed-out and waiting to be memorized, then the relevent memorize effects won't work. The spells have to be selected manually. I can think of a hacky way to deal with this, similar to my previous idea. I don't like it, but it is all I can think of. Whenever a NPC with priest spells joins the party their memorized spells a wiped out. So, grant them an extra one-time-only special ability to memorize all their spells. It should be set on a timer, to be removed after a (very) short period, or be removed after rest. Once a player has selected the spells they want, they can use it and go on their way. The timer should prevent too much abuse. Kick-out and rejoing abuse can be lessened by setting a second, longer, timer and not regranting the ability within a set period. The big problem is that is screams "mod content." I don't know whether it would make it better or worse to grant a similar ability to all spellcasters.
  14. Are not magical fire and cold damages broken? I seem to recall a very old item tutorial saying not to use them. Of course, we've learned a lot since then, but it might explain why they are not used.
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