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  1. I'm trying to play new game (added: using IWD 1 from GOG.com - not EE) after installing IWD Fixpack v6 (non other mods were installed). I'm doing it according to http://www.gibberlings3.net/readmes/readme-iwdfixpack.html section for Linux. I'm using wine 1.6.2 through PlayOnLinux to run game although installed game manually with gdiplus override (not used script from their's repo cause it's not worked for me). Standard game works ok, but when starting it after installation a mod, two things seems off straight away (haven't seen anyone report them in previous topic that's why i'm suspecting wine): 1. There is no Easthaven "cut scene" before game started. Game just started but screen on Easthaven tavern is "foggy" like you have no control over it. And as soon as possible you got teleported to HoW tavern (started full game not expansion only just for the record). 2. Everyone are hostile towards party. I have bisected .tp2 file using the noob way (remove half of file each time) to find bug (I have rather no idea what was doing) and seems that (1) is related to: // more robust opening cutscene (not needed for IWD w/o HoW) COPY_EXISTING ~ar1006.bcs~ ~override~ DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH BEGIN REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~IncrementChapter("CHPTXT1")[ %TAB%%LNL%%MNL%%WNL%]+MultiPlayerSync()[ %TAB%%LNL%%MNL%%WNL%]+StartCutSceneMode()[ %TAB%%LNL%%MNL%%WNL%]+ClearAllActions()[ %TAB%%LNL%%MNL%%WNL%]+MultiPlayerSync()[ %TAB%%LNL%%MNL%%WNL%]+StartCutScene("EHHROTHT")~ ~IncrementChapter("CHPTXT1")~ END BUT_ONLY EXTEND_TOP ~ar1006.bcs~ ~iwdfixpack/baf/ar1006.baf~ If I comment that out on stock file, the cut scene would play and party is not moved/teleported to HoW tavern. While bisecting file (2) also gone but i'm not sure when. I must have lost record of it somehow cause focused more over (1). I will probably try to bisect file once more focusing on NPCs hostility this time. Anyone had similar issue and solved them? --- EDIT --- Seems like this part cause (2) bug: // broken dead(object) triggers ACTION_FOR_EACH file IN 2004chef 2100mirk 4001lk 4001ls1 4001v9 4003blst 4003udlt bamebd bcatkgob bcatkskl bchjol0 bchjol0 bcjorn cajshah1 cajshah3 cajshah4 cajshah5 d2talon3 d2talon3 d2talon4 d2talon4 d4alb d4cleric d4fight1 d4hirit d4hisum d5girl d5hibap d5hitort d5yxung duhero3 duhero5 dummtalk eeeverar eeevetpl eepomsen efbstskl efdlgc efdlgcc efdlgf efdlgfc efdlgm efdlgmc efdlgpc efdlgpcc efdlgpf efdlgpfc efdlgpm efdlgpmc eftrolg eftwnchk ehaccali ehdamien eheverar ehhero1 ehhroth idpbsprt iljorn iljornhl ilsahep1 ilsahhp1 ilsahp1 ilsahp2 ilsahup1 ilxactil keraksha kphermit ktmytos kuarund kuarund1 kuarundd ldbeorn lddrowcm ldfeng2 ldfgntg ldguell2 ldhark ldilmad ldmalvon ldmarkth ldperd ldpoque1 ldrebsal ldseth ldshik ldsimmal ldtarnel lwemmrh lwhjolo lwquin lwshar1 lwshar2 lwshar3 lwwarew nelurmst nwlurmst scseer secrie13 secrie2 selurmst shelfc1 shelfc2 shelfcs1 shelfps1 shorcsh1 shsevhl1 shshdsd1 shshdwz1 shshdwz2 shshdwz3 shshthl1 swlurmst tgacold tgverbd udnorlin udorogse vslysan vstherik wtguard wtkontik BEGIN ACTION_IF (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%file%.bcs~) THEN BEGIN COPY_EXISTING ~%file%.bcs~ ~override~ DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH BEGIN REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Dead("[Yy][Ss][Ee][Ll][Ff])")~ ~StateCheck(Myself,STATE_REALLY_DEAD)~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Dead("astSeenBy(Myself))")~ ~StateCheck(LastSeenBy(Myself),STATE_REALLY_DEAD)~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Dead("0\.0\.\([A-Z]+\)\])")~ ~StateCheck([0.0.\1],STATE_REALLY_DEAD)~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Dead("layer\([1-6]\))")~ ~StateCheck(Player\1,STATE_REALLY_DEAD)~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Dead("ENEMY\])")~ ~StateCheck([ENEMY],STATE_REALLY_DEAD)~ END BUT_ONLY END END
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