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  1. Hi there, I've just completed a fresh install of BWP for EE and was doing my usual of adding a few mods I like that aren't in the pack, this is the only one I've had an issue with and it's one that is stumping me as all the others haven't run into this one, here's the log. I would also like to say this is one of my favorite kits and thank all of you who keep it maintained WeiDU v 24200 Log C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition\setup-druidsor.exe [.\chitin.key] loaded, 1172566 bytes [.\chitin.key] 282 BIFFs, 83161 resources [./Desktop.ini] loaded, 190 bytes [.\engine.lua] loaded, 109 bytes [.\weidu.conf] loaded, 16 bytes [.\lang\en_us\dialog.tlk] 367888 string entries Choose your language: 0 [English] 1 [Francais (Translation by zooloo of the D'Oghmatiques)] Using Language [Francais (Translation by zooloo of the D'Oghmatiques)] [Francais (Translation by zooloo of the D'Oghmatiques)] has 4 top-level TRA files ERROR: problem parsing TP file [DRUIDSOR/SETUP-DRUIDSOR.TP2]: Sys_error("languages/english: Permission denied") FATAL ERROR: Sys_error("languages/english: Permission denied") WeiDU Timings parsing .log files 0.000 loading files 0.000 Parsing TP2 files 0.016 unmarshal KEY 0.047 stuff not covered elsewhere 0.297 unmarshal TLK 1.328 TOTAL 1.688 Edit* Yes I know I chose French for this example however it throws out the same result either way, I was just seeing if it was just the English part that had a problem
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