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  1. I have returned. I finally reached the area and indeed, no crash. Much like in the vanilla BGEE, I had no crashes of the sort. I only get a crash when EET is installed. We both have been using the same version of EET correct? I just don't know what could be causing this crash other than it being EET given that the crash never occurs when EET is not installed. Both in the black pits and in the event you described, no crashes, glitches etc. Ah goodness, I never knew how badly I would miss candle keep lol. Oh and just to test around with tweaks, indeed none of the mods I had installed were causing a crash in the black pits. Seems to be strictly when EET is installed. Perhaps a mod you are using is somehow blocking the crash or patched it or something? I truly haven't a clue.
  2. Hmm I see. I suspect then that it must be EET related as I had only EET installed and you had multiple mods installed, yet we both have experienced the same crash. Out of curiosity did you notice any crashes like that in the main campaigns?
  3. Well I'm out of ideas now. I did another fresh install and insured both were version and I still get that crash. Thank you again for helping me try and figure out what was going wrong. I just haven't the foggiest clue at this point.
  4. It just occurred to me, could we be using different versions of BG? I presently am using BGEE + BGEE2 versions which states that is added support for gog galaxy 1.2 and up cloud saves. The most recent version after that was version which the changle log states the following Patch (08 June 2016) Today we're pleased to bring you v2.3, with fixes for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, and Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. Read the full release notes herehttps://items.gog.com/releasenotes_2_3.pdf , a master document that also includes the release notes from v2.0, v2.1, and v2.2!Highlights of v2.3 include Tooltips now display a stylized scroll background that dynamically resizes with the amount of text displayed The Candlekeep tutors’ dialogue no longer displays placeholder text when a non-English language is selected (BG:EE) Turkish UI strings no longer appear in English (BG:EE) Story Mode protections now apply to the player’s Familiar as well as party members multiple dialogue fixes (eliminating repeated lines, removing incorrect lines, and closing dialogue loops) multiple gameplay fixes and interface fixes multiple quest and achievement fixes End- . I just got done re-installing EET and started another BP test. I was able to kill the necro, but the game crashed instantly afterwords. I've still no clue what could be going wrong but I saw what version the game was using and started wondering if that could be the ultimate issue. I pray this is the cause as I love BG and EET is such a wonderful way to enjoy it. Thank you again for your time.
  5. Thank you and I see, pity, I was hoping that could provide an answer. Hmm, I didn't think of the possibility that his spell deflection could be a cause of it. Every time he casts the cloud he gets knocked unconscious by it and generally my warriors hack away at him and kill him, but then it crashes. I think the undead dying when he dies is intentional as if I recall correctly, summoned entities die when the caster dies, that or it is how that fight was programed. Any time I killed him on story mode (the only time the game does not crash) all skeletons died off, so I think it is intentional. Its just odd because in BG campaigns, I have yet to encounter the crash using either spell. I'm right now re-installing EET set-up and then EET end and will see if it was just on my end with the one installation. Goodness this is confusing.
  6. Hmm interesting and odd. I've truly not a clue what could be the culprit. I've been using EET-1.0RC9.2f and modmerge-win32. I had trouble with big world set-up and as such just did it myself using the two exes. I haven't played around in the options screen but do you think something in there could be a cause? I doubt its my pc's specs as it meets the requirement of both games and has even been able to handle Arma 3 with surprising ease. I currently own the gog version, but I haven't heard of anything but mod merge being needed. I'll give re-installing EET another go and see if anything happens. Perhaps it is simply a user error on my end. Is there a way for me to find the crash logs? I really don't even know where to properly look. Thank you again for taking the time to help me try to figure out what could be going wrong.
  7. Thank you for responding so quickly. At present this was just using the EET Mod as the bug I spoke about appeared when I had installed a number of tweaks mods on to it. I am uncertain on how to attach the file but here is the WeiDU.Log text. Followed by my own attempts to figure out if it involved a file from tweaks. WeiDU.log- // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version] ~EET/EET.TP2~ #0 #0 // EET core - resource importation: 1.0 RC9.2 ~EET_END.TP2~ #0 #0 // EET end - last mod in install order WeiDU.log End - My attempts to see what could have caused it- Uninstalled Summoning cap removers got rid of level affects spell resistance started fresh save, seems to stop working once necro is dead in black pits Removing scrolls No effect, long as necro does not die in stinking cloud, no crash Now doing step by step uninstall First removed animation mod Not crashing with non wolf save NVM,game had reverted to unmoded eet state, upon testing, indeed it crashed Uninstalled Icon Improvements - Seemingly worked Crashed when put on easy mode, ie a non story mode option. Uninstalled all the spell thaco improvements weapon styles for all uninstalled thaco table for combat uninstalled heart of winter spell systems for paladins+rangers Removed all +stack mods and 4 weapon slots for every class and kit It seems to crash on his death, as such I think it is regardless of the cloud or not, seeing as how it had well disappeared by the time of death. As such I think it is when he has taken damage in any way. shields no longer glow when magic + unique items + unique containers - Items use player colors + universal clubs+ multiple protection items + HLA tables + humans to multiclass + non humans to duel class -- More interjections + npc wounds + cloakwood + drow items + breakable armor + multiplayer kick out + bags of holding+ exotic items pack + shapeshifter re-balance + multiple strongholds+ upgrade watcher's keep items + cespenar cromwell recipes + move npcs from baldur's gate + two handed weapons + level cap + duel class options + weapon proficiency weapons re-balance + multiclass grand mastery + change grand mastery bonuses + magically created weapons to zero weight + racial restrictions/for kits + 3e alignments + cleric multi-class weapon restrictions + druid restrictions + reputation affects price + neutral characters make comments + drizzts loot + no drow avatars + rest anywhere + non hostile and hostile rest spawns + sell able items + stores purchase all items + sensible entrance points + additional ankeg armor + evil npc joinable reactions + tob-style npcs + jaheria to neutral good + korgan to neutral evil ---- At natural state, it will not crash, that is when it is in eet. Meaning the above mod(or mods, god help us all) are a culprit If I were to hazard a guess, the following mods could be a problem. duel class options, multiclass grand mastery, magically created weapons to zero weight, cleric multi-class weapon restrictions, druid restriction. Now it is completely possible that due to a problem with the installer not uninstalling the mods in proper order, example being that armor will take on the appearance of the users colors, we could be looking at a older mod still causing issues that simply was not taken out correctly. Crash Testing End- Last night I ensured I had done a fresh install of both BGEE and BGEE2 and I found that BGEE does not have armor change color to the wear's but in BGEE2 it does. In the last EET install I did, the armor changing color was present, despite me not using the tweaks mod. I did note during my messing around that when on story mode, the fight never did crash. I know that there is a trap bug in EET, where thief traps can't be set until level six as a result of the game confusing the textures of BGEE and BGEE2 (if I recall correctly). I'm not certain if stinking cloud is indeed the cause of the crash as I did test it in a variety of combat situations and it never did crash when I was casting it. Perhaps it has to do with the raise dead spell the necro uses. I don't know if BGEE and BGEE2 had different versions of the spell, but maybe due to the spam of the skelies, something just is not clicking right in the mod. Thank you again for such a quick response and let me know if I can send any files to further help.
  8. Hello, I have a problem regarding the necromancer fight in the Black Pits Expansion. I apologize but I don't know were to find crash logs. I own the gog versions and I have used the mod merge tool. Oh and I've also had them both in the directory and in their own folder, led to the same results. I have one question, does EET make it so armor worn takes on the major colors of the wearer? I ask because I know there is a tweaks mod for that causes the armor to take on the color of the wearer but this was a fresh install (I hope). As for the crash, I've noticed that when fighting the necromancer, normally when he has cast stinking cloud, one of two things happen. One is that he is in the cloud, at which point I can harm him and sometimes even kill him, however it seems like a rough 50/50 that harming him in the cloud causes a crash. 100 percent of the time, his death in the cloud results in crash. Now outside the cloud, generally I can kill him without a crash, but it still occurs. Harming him has like wise caused a crash, but with a much lower occurrence. Thank you for your time and thank you immensely for continuing the development of this wonderful mod as it has made a lot of fond memories.
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