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  1. Hey subtledoctor. Just finished a trilogy playthrough using your mods (F&P, M&G, T&B, SoB, Random Tweaks, and NPC_EE). A lot of fun. I love the freshness of it. Have some comments / bug reports. None that are super-urgent but just wanted to let you know, as someone who's spent a lot of hours with your mods. When characters who've learned feats leave the party and rejoin it, the feat selection screen no longer tracks the feats they've learned. The feats' effects are still present, but the feats themselves can be re-selected with the next feat ability. Had some issue
  2. Hmmm. Okay, I dug deeper, and it wasn't SCS, I apologize. It was the BGII:EE Unofficial Item Pack mod - https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/56567/mod-bgii-ee-unofficial-item-pack/p1 It seems to overwrite mage18z.cre for the purposes of adding the Hourglass of Gond item, which reverts Zallanora's override script to GPSHOUT.bcs instead of DX#ZALLO.bcs. The mod no longer seems to be in development; the creator is still active on the Beamdog forums but hasn't posted anything in their mod thread for years now. Not sure how you can resolve this conflict....
  3. Installing this mod before SCS bugs out the mod. Zallanora's mage18z.bcs is overwritten by SCS, so the encounter doesn't work as expected. Would suggest you all not use an existing creature (mage18) and instead just create your own, distinct creature with distinct scripts.
  4. Yeah, Cleric Contingency used to work on older versions, so that's why I also thought something 2.5 did break it. I did chase down the problem as possibly being related to the UI and BGEE.lua and UI.menu, but I got stuck at that point and couldn't figure out any more, especially since feat selection and your custom sorcerer spell selection - which look just to be repurposing the contingency UI too - seemed to work. Can confirm installing that fix did work for me. I can now cast Cleric contingencies.
  5. Hi SubtleDoctor, Having a bug with Priest Contingency causing a CTD. Ran into it in my BGEET mega-mod installation, but I've just tested it out on a fresh BG2 install - only FnP installed - and still had the same problem. Using FnP BG2 Gonna try downloading 0.80.3 and seeing if the same issue occurs. Edit: Nope. Still CTD in 0.80.3. All options installed. Using a fresh ToB Weavekeeper of Mystra.
  6. So I installed EET Tweaks after SR. I'm not sure if that's the correct order. It is the order suggested by Roxanne's EET install tool. (This is my first ever playthrough of EET.) I know BWS is dead, but even in BWS's install order, EET Tweaks installs after SR. Looking closer at this, I'm seeing that in EET_Tweaks\lib\xp_quests.tph, it copies out the spells from override, makes changes to them, then puts them back. So in theory, these should be the SR versions of the spells, since SR installed first. But the versions I have in that directory are the OG versions (i.e. Spell Deflection last
  7. Except that I didn't know that EETweaks would do that, since it doesn't seem to be documented, so I'm still not sure why it's being done nor do I know what the difference is between the EETweaks spell versions and the base game spells versions (if any).
  8. Finding that the Medallion of the Arctic is a little buggy. Even though it only casts MH#AMUL9.SPL every 6 seconds, I'm finding that the effects are stacking up on my characters: giving them much better AC/saves than they should have. I think this may be related to zoning/loading, which resets the 6-second timer. I've seen some other mods "fix" this by using a system that involves 2 spells: 1 spell casts the 2nd spell, which applies the actual effects and also immunity to the 1st spell. This way, even if the 1st spell triggers more frequently than it should, the effect won
  9. Hi there, What are the spells in the eespells subfolder meant to be for? I don't see any component in the Readme referencing them nor could I find any references in the mod to install them, but I have found them overwriting spells from SR. I prefer to have Spell Revisions spells rather than base-game spells, which is why I installed it, so this is pretty frustrating.
  10. Classic. It doesn't matter how many years you've been programming, you'll never really escape the good old +/-1 error.
  11. That's what I've done, but there's also a d5ctnuse and a d5bnuse by the way. They're not impacting me, but they seem to be similar spells.
  12. Ah. By default, EEKeeper does refresh spells. I disable that option myself because it has caused me problems in the past. So, for example, Fighter/Mages get effects from d5fmnuse.spl, that apply a 180 can't use item code to a whole buncha items. Mage/Thieves get d5mtnuse.spl. Clerics of Mystra get d5_u89.spl. I know how Clerics of Mystra get it applied, it's in their kitlist file (d5clmys.2da). I'm less certain where the multiclasses get it from, but you end up with something like this: And it goes on for a very long time. I do swap NPCs in and out fairly often.
  13. Why do you advise not using EEKeeper? I have noticed it borks on the ExtraProficiency1 you use for Clubs/Maces, but otherwise I think it's been okay when I've used it? Actually, I should add, I do have an actual bug report to make: there are some permanent character effects that you apply - either in this or Scales of Balance not sure - that are reapplied every time the character is removed and added back to the party. In particular, D5_WF11N, D5_WF12N, D5_WF13N, D5_WF21N, D5_WF22N, D5_WF23N, D5_WF24N, and D5_WF25N seem to fire every time and apply their corresponding effects repea
  14. It would seem to me the easiest way to fix that would be to just cancel out of the feat selection, then use EEKeeper to manually increase the proficiency you were going to focus in.
  15. Oh right, it goes up to +4 at level 12. And since it's a specific modifier, it would stack over the max AC limit.
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