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  1. Seems like they do more than just add an item. Here's Edvin's response to my bug report in their mod thread: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1169418/#Comment_1169418
  2. Hey subtledoctor. Just finished a trilogy playthrough using your mods (F&P, M&G, T&B, SoB, Random Tweaks, and NPC_EE). A lot of fun. I love the freshness of it. Have some comments / bug reports. None that are super-urgent but just wanted to let you know, as someone who's spent a lot of hours with your mods. When characters who've learned feats leave the party and rejoin it, the feat selection screen no longer tracks the feats they've learned. The feats' effects are still present, but the feats themselves can be re-selected with the next feat ability. Had some issues with the innate Contingencies and Spell Triggers, using Innate Metamagic. The biggest one was that if I use the Contingency/Trigger ability, but then cancel it or fail to set it somehow, the ability disappears permanently and I have to edit it back on. Most Mage NPCs still know the Contingency spell. Among them are Tyris, Minyae, rescued Imoen, ToB Jan, etc. Some issues with syncing Contingencies/Triggers in the spellbook with the innate abilities. (This probably isn't going to be very helpful.) Sometimes, I'll have a Contingency in my spellbook but the Contingency ability will still be in my innate abilities. Sometimes I'll have a Spell Trigger NOT in my spellbook, but the USE Spell Trigger ability (the one with the blue icon) is in my innate abilities. Sometimes I'll have both the white ability (setup trigger) along with the blue ability (use trigger) in my innate abilities at the same time. I haven't been able to determine why these desyncs occur, but they're mostly just cosmetic/UI issues. I think some of the proficiencies in the Readme are incorrect. It might be due to using different versions of the mod or because I'm also using Scales of Balance, but in mine, the Hand of Torm can get 2 pips in most things, not 1. Maybe this information should just be included in the kit descriptions at character generation? Or maybe you can write out the general rules and then the additions to those rules? (I.e. Clerics of Helm can put an extra pip in Longsword.) This seems like it'll be a real pain for you to write and keep updated, especially if the FC/CM/CT versions are included as well, so I don't really know what a good solution would be, but there were definitely times in the game I was really puzzled as to what proficiencies a priest could learn and what weapons they could use (I.e. Getting Spear/Halberd proficiency, but then not being able to use Halberds), or not knowing what armor type each cleric kit can use, and there were occasionally mismatches between dialogue-based proficiency learning and level-up proficiency learning. The Weapon Focus feat doesn't seem to be working. I might not be understanding it properly, but I thought it would allow me to put an extra pip in a proficiency over the normal maximum for that class, but that extra pip option never seemed to come up. (I'd just EEKeeper it instead.) Sometimes the NPC_EE remove-proficiencies-and-relearn-them option wouldn't work and would fail to remove proficiencies from an NPC. Sometimes whatever it is you do with hidden proficiencies causes weird visual bugs in-game and in EEKeeper. They don't necessarily occur at the same time either, which I find weird, but I've never been able to figure out what causes it. (See screenshots below.) In d5_ckit.bcs, I had to add SetGlobal("D5KITTLK","GLOBAL",0) to the last block. I'm trying to remember why right now, and I think it was if I used Choose a Kit, but then chose not to change the kit and just reset my proficiencies, the global would never be reset and then the invisible monster would never engage in dialogue. I think. I made this change months ago so I do not exactly recall. I think, for some reason, Faith and Powers changed the category of all the bastard swords in the game to Morning Star (22). I am basing this on the backup files I have, where the FnP backup of SW1H01.ITM is a Large Sword (20), but the MnG, which installed immediately after, backup of the item is a Morning Star (22). I'm not really sure why FnP would change it like this, so if I'm mistaken about that I apologize, but then Item Revisions used that category and assigned all the Bastard Swords in the game to Mace proficiency and Mace appearance, and then Scales of Balance changed them to Club proficiency. The modified version of Barkskin that renews a skin every round makes an incredibly annoying sound every round too. Personally, I modded multiclasses to learn feats as well and have the full set of HLAs available to their base classes. That's just what I'm looking for when I play a dual-class or multi-class. Maybe it's a little overpowered, but I'm playing the trilogy for the umpteenth time now so I want my shiny toys (also I have SCS and Ascension, so...). Wouldn't mind if those became base components, but if not, I can continue doing the editing myself. Is it intended for feats to stop being earned at around level 20? I noticed you have more feat abilities created but that they're not all used in the clab files. Anyways, sorry if any of these issues aren't actually coming from your mods or if the descriptions aren't particularly helpful. I've been playing this playthrough for months now and most of these issues I fixed myself so I could just keep playing, and so I don't have total recall of everything I messed with, especially since I was mega-modding. If you need any help testing or isolating anything, I can help with that, though I imagine you're pretty busy with 2.6 compatibility issues right now. I really do want to emphasize how much I enjoy playing with your mods. They change up a game that I've been playing for years now and introduce some fresh new mechanical elements to it. They really make playing again a lot less repetitive and a lot more fun!
  3. Hmmm. Okay, I dug deeper, and it wasn't SCS, I apologize. It was the BGII:EE Unofficial Item Pack mod - https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/56567/mod-bgii-ee-unofficial-item-pack/p1 It seems to overwrite mage18z.cre for the purposes of adding the Hourglass of Gond item, which reverts Zallanora's override script to GPSHOUT.bcs instead of DX#ZALLO.bcs. The mod no longer seems to be in development; the creator is still active on the Beamdog forums but hasn't posted anything in their mod thread for years now. Not sure how you can resolve this conflict....
  4. Installing this mod before SCS bugs out the mod. Zallanora's mage18z.bcs is overwritten by SCS, so the encounter doesn't work as expected. Would suggest you all not use an existing creature (mage18) and instead just create your own, distinct creature with distinct scripts.
  5. Yeah, Cleric Contingency used to work on older versions, so that's why I also thought something 2.5 did break it. I did chase down the problem as possibly being related to the UI and BGEE.lua and UI.menu, but I got stuck at that point and couldn't figure out any more, especially since feat selection and your custom sorcerer spell selection - which look just to be repurposing the contingency UI too - seemed to work. Can confirm installing that fix did work for me. I can now cast Cleric contingencies.
  6. Hi SubtleDoctor, Having a bug with Priest Contingency causing a CTD. Ran into it in my BGEET mega-mod installation, but I've just tested it out on a fresh BG2 install - only FnP installed - and still had the same problem. Using FnP BG2 Gonna try downloading 0.80.3 and seeing if the same issue occurs. Edit: Nope. Still CTD in 0.80.3. All options installed. Using a fresh ToB Weavekeeper of Mystra.
  7. So I installed EET Tweaks after SR. I'm not sure if that's the correct order. It is the order suggested by Roxanne's EET install tool. (This is my first ever playthrough of EET.) I know BWS is dead, but even in BWS's install order, EET Tweaks installs after SR. Looking closer at this, I'm seeing that in EET_Tweaks\lib\xp_quests.tph, it copies out the spells from override, makes changes to them, then puts them back. So in theory, these should be the SR versions of the spells, since SR installed first. But the versions I have in that directory are the OG versions (i.e. Spell Deflection lasts 3 round/level) and not the SR versions (i.e. Spell Deflection lasts 5 turns). My EET_Tweaks\backup\2062 folder has the SR spell versions in there though. (A few minutes later) Wait, now I'm really confused. I redownloaded EET Tweaks, to make sure Roxanne's download tool wasn't having me download some unofficial version, and xp_quests.tph inside of it doesn't have the spell copying code at the top. BUT the EET_Tweaks-master.zip I used in my install was the same version, with the same hash, and it ALSO didn't have the spell copying code at the top of xp_quests.tph. So now I don't know where that spell-copying code at the top of xp_quests.tph came from at all. I'm so confused now. I'll attach my weidu.log and the xp_quests.tph with the spell-copying code at the top. This is the extra code at the top, which I can't figure out its origin, and it also seemed to not work properly since it grabbed the original .spls and not the SR-modified ones, which I also can't explain (since COPY_EXISTING should grab the version in the override folder, right?) COPY_EXISTING ~SPIN710.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPIN920.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPPR701.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPRA302.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPWI318.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPWI519.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPWI522.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPWI618.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPWI701.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPWI802.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~SPWI902.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~eet bg2ee~ BEGIN COPY_EXISTING ~staf11.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~BTEST1.ITM~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~DGARCHON.SPL~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ COPY_EXISTING ~Rods01.itm~ ~EET_Tweaks/eespells~ END COPY ~EET_Tweaks/eedummy~ ~override~ WeiDU.log xp_quests.tph
  8. Except that I didn't know that EETweaks would do that, since it doesn't seem to be documented, so I'm still not sure why it's being done nor do I know what the difference is between the EETweaks spell versions and the base game spells versions (if any).
  9. Finding that the Medallion of the Arctic is a little buggy. Even though it only casts MH#AMUL9.SPL every 6 seconds, I'm finding that the effects are stacking up on my characters: giving them much better AC/saves than they should have. I think this may be related to zoning/loading, which resets the 6-second timer. I've seen some other mods "fix" this by using a system that involves 2 spells: 1 spell casts the 2nd spell, which applies the actual effects and also immunity to the 1st spell. This way, even if the 1st spell triggers more frequently than it should, the effect won't get stacked up. I'm not a modder though so I'm not sure this would work for this item.
  10. Hi there, What are the spells in the eespells subfolder meant to be for? I don't see any component in the Readme referencing them nor could I find any references in the mod to install them, but I have found them overwriting spells from SR. I prefer to have Spell Revisions spells rather than base-game spells, which is why I installed it, so this is pretty frustrating.
  11. Classic. It doesn't matter how many years you've been programming, you'll never really escape the good old +/-1 error.
  12. That's what I've done, but there's also a d5ctnuse and a d5bnuse by the way. They're not impacting me, but they seem to be similar spells.
  13. Ah. By default, EEKeeper does refresh spells. I disable that option myself because it has caused me problems in the past. So, for example, Fighter/Mages get effects from d5fmnuse.spl, that apply a 180 can't use item code to a whole buncha items. Mage/Thieves get d5mtnuse.spl. Clerics of Mystra get d5_u89.spl. I know how Clerics of Mystra get it applied, it's in their kitlist file (d5clmys.2da). I'm less certain where the multiclasses get it from, but you end up with something like this: And it goes on for a very long time. I do swap NPCs in and out fairly often. Since I'm playing with mods, I like to look at the new NPCs (and possibly steal their gear) and sometimes do their quests. Right now, I'm playing an EET run too, so Imoen necessarily leaves the party and rejoins it thrice (SoD, start of BG2, Spellhold). There are some other NPCs that will happen to too, like Jaheira in her BG2 romance.
  14. Why do you advise not using EEKeeper? I have noticed it borks on the ExtraProficiency1 you use for Clubs/Maces, but otherwise I think it's been okay when I've used it? Actually, I should add, I do have an actual bug report to make: there are some permanent character effects that you apply - either in this or Scales of Balance not sure - that are reapplied every time the character is removed and added back to the party. In particular, D5_WF11N, D5_WF12N, D5_WF13N, D5_WF21N, D5_WF22N, D5_WF23N, D5_WF24N, and D5_WF25N seem to fire every time and apply their corresponding effects repeatedly. Also the D5??NUSE spell applies a lot of 180 opcodes each time a party member joins. I've had to give each of my characters permanent protection from D5??NUSE spells, or their character files just get insanely bloated with effects and starts really lagging NearInfinity when I try to make edits to their character files. I haven't been able to figure out how/where the D5??NUSE spells are fired, but it seems like this could be fixed by just making sure they apply protection from themselves so the effects don't duplicate.
  15. It would seem to me the easiest way to fix that would be to just cancel out of the feat selection, then use EEKeeper to manually increase the proficiency you were going to focus in.
  16. Oh right, it goes up to +4 at level 12. And since it's a specific modifier, it would stack over the max AC limit.
  17. I think the defensive Postures are hard to feel worthwhile when you could get just straight +1 AC with a feat. Obviously, there are limited number of times you can pick that but once you see it you can't unsee it. I haven't really used the offensive postures because I don't want the knockback. I could probably edit it out myself, but I don't like knockback because it can cause extra "pulls" and it can occasionally knock an enemy through some bad geometry. As for the tactics, one thing I've found annoying is that if I only have 1, I can't tell if it's on or not. Obviously, I distribute the tactics across my different fighters, but sometimes I literally can't remember which I took or not. Just a minor UI limitation. While I was messing around, I had one, maybe two, instances where SCS's Ease-of-use AI script caused my Bladesinger to immediately cast Armor upon resting. And then afterwards, I ended up with 0 casts remaining, when presumably I should have ended up with 1. I could NOT reproduce this consistently: when I tried, most of my attempts had my character just standing there not casting Armor, and it didn't work when I cast Armor manually. Sorry that's not much to go on in terms of a bug report. FWIW, I think some of the solutions you use to try and make these designs work in a pretty limited engine are pretty incredible. Obviously, I don't understand the full systems, but when I've dug into them, I'm pretty astounded at how intricate it all is. I definitely think this way is better. Having to do something each time you rest would be massively aggravating. Also if you get ambushed or some other sort of script interrupts your sleep with combat, you'd just have no spells at all. I don't think this way is bad. It's essentially the same as for Wizards: if you want to change your spells for the next day, you have to remember to do it before you rest. Even if that's not the better way to do it generally, the fact that Wizards (and Clerics and Druids) already work like that is a good reason for spontaneous Bard casting to follow suit for consistency.
  18. Okay, I haven't been playing a Bladesinger, but I figured since I was here, I could check out the kit myself to see if I get these same errors. My level 1 bladesinger does have D5FEATA.SPL and D5FEATB.SPL, which I think subtledoctor recycles for all choices like this. When I use those abilities, I get to choose from a number of Bard songs AND also some generic feats: Lore Bonus, Mental Resilience, Physical Resilience, Precise Strike, Fighting Postures: Disarming, Parry Slashing, Parry Piercing, and Parry Blunt, Quickstride, and Health Conditioning. Not sure if those are all intended or not. I do start with Aura: Blur correctly. The level 9 feats available are Inspiration: Reflected Images, Inspiration: Death Ward, Aura: Glove of Invulnerability, Aura: Cloak of Fear, Aura: Slow, and Advanced Precise Strike. No Weapon Focus indeed. I do have the Initiate Bardic Spellcasting Ability. When I use it, it seems to work, but my spellbook is a little borked until I use the Change Memorized Spells ability it gives me and clear out my spellbook. When I do so and I rest, I do notice that it takes a second or two for the spells to be "loaded" after I rest. Generally this works okay, but it seems like it's possible for this to get disrupted. One problem I am noticing is that, for some reason, my Bladesinger has a bunch of random Priest spells. Might be due to some other modding/editing I've done. I definitely don't get casts of Command when I memorize it though; it's just a useless bait option in my spellbook.
  19. I installed Sandrah after, which was the problem. I believe the issue arises here, in Sandrah's version of qd_multiclass.tpa: (v2) The same functionality in your version (v10): So, best I can tell, qd_multi_spls.qd used to be just a flag indicating that the spl files had been created already. At some point between 0.2 and 0.10, that flag was removed for more precise scripting that actually searched for the exact files that need to be created, but now it means that if any mod using 0.2 is installed after a mod using 0.10, the 0.2 mod will overwrite all the SPL files created by the 0.10 mods.
  20. Hm, having a strange bug in my latest install. Characters with multi-class kits are not working in game, not getting the abilities they ought to be on creation and level-up. This is ONLY for kits attached specifically to multiclasses - single-class kits are working on multi-class characters. E.g. a Tempest gets their abilities, as does a MC Tempest/Mage I make using the NPC_EE mod or Shadowkeeper, but kits like the Herald or Fighter/Sorc don't work, all kits with multi-classes listed the CLASS column in kitlist.2da. Shadowkeeper's Add Kit Effects option DOES add the proper abilities to these characters though. So as best I can tell, kitlist.2da is well-formed and is kits.ids and the clab**** files are readable - since Shadowkeeper can add the kits and attach the right abilities/effects. Once they get their abilities, including Feat Selection and various spontaneous magic abilities, those all work. But the game itself is refusing to grant characters with MC kits the abilities listed in the clab**** file on level-up. Any ideas on how to fix this without totally reinstalling everything? I'm some-ways into my playthrough already, as I'd assumed that it was just some kits bugged, and I'm worried that reinstalling will just entirely break my current playthrough. Been poring through 2DA files in NearInfinity trying to find the disconnect, but just having no luck. Edit: I think I found the issue. The Sandrah mod is using qd_multiclass v0.2, and in the absence of qd_multi_spls.qd, it is obliterating all the QD_MC?_XX.SPL files. I know there's a lot of beef between Roxanne and other modders right now, but a simple fix you could do on your end would just be to plop in a qd_multi_spls.qd file in your version of qd_multiclass.tpa, even if you don't actually use it for anything. For me, I'm just going to fix it by restoring the backup QD_MC?_XX.SPL files since I'm not using the kits in the Sandrah mod anyways.
  21. Enteri's Dagger, ENTERISD, does not seem to do its poison damage, as a result of the entries in # dice thrown and dice size. I have no idea why, but removing those entries caused the poison damage to be dealt again. On a related note, do you know how the amount poison per damage effect is supposed to work anyways? When I tried it with Enteri's Dagger, it dealt 2 x 19 poison damage, instead of 2 x 10 as I'd expect. But then I checked other (mod) weapons with poison damage per second and saw the same effect of damage being applied almost twice more often than specified. I'm unsure if modders are just using the code incorrectly or something about EE changed how it worked.
  22. Hi Roxanne, I finally beat Region of Terror. Put it aside for a long time because it was such a slog. Some bugs I found along the way: The Arlax blacksmiths just went bonkers on me in my playthrough. They kept hammering randomly, and would keep starting dialogue with me anywhere on the map. When I looked at the scripts, it seemed the dialogue starting was intentional (?!) and the hammering seemed to be a result of extremely shaky script chaining, trying to simulate Cromwell's scripting but messing up. The final encounter is broken. I think it might have something to do with how the EEs work, but when Drizzt is killed and removed from your party, his actor disappears from that zone entirely, so when Cattie-Brie tries to force-rez him back, there is no DRIZ2 actor and the game crashes. I removed the part where Drizzt is removed from the party and the encounter played through to the end. But the final cutscene also bugged out on me: the MakeUnselectable(999999) wouldn't end and I would just be stuck there, presumably until I waited 999999 seconds. A lot of missing avatars for enemies. Abishai were just invisible for me all game. And the Steel Samurai looked like myconids for some reason. Some shops are completely empty. Maribur's shop is the one I can recall right now. The Marauder of Souls +6 might be bugged. It casts spell on condition instead of just cast spell, and the combat log handled it weirdly, saying that the enemy was casting the spells on me. I think it was still hitting correctly, but I'm not sure. There are also typos galore and pretty shaky design in a lot of places, but it's a really old mod so to be expected. Most of it was NBD, but there is an area in the end with the shadows in the mysterious cave where there are a bunch of dialogue-less shadows that confounded me because there is ONE shadow who does have dialogue that you have to speak to, and I had no idea. So. Oh also, at least with SCS, Ruby Golems become impossible to kill. Their physical resistances go up to 99%, their magic resistance can no longer be debuffed, and their fire resistance goes above 100%, meaning they heal themselves everything they hit you with a fireball. If there's a cheese way to handle it, I have no idea what it is. Thanks for the work Roxanne. I might play the mod again one day, but whoooo boy it's a long slog!
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