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  1. First of all, which mod and which version are you playing? On which platform?


    What you're describing sounds like a script loop. If you're playing BG1 Gavin, the mod has been stable for years, so any script loops would be caused by either a corrupted download or by a reinstallation scrambling the scripts. In either case, the solution is to uninstall the mod, download a fresh copy, and install it again. If that doesn't work, and it may not, I can walk you through a fix, but try installing a new copy first.


    If it's BG2 Gavin, the non-beta version has been stable for a good long time, so the cause and the cure are probably the same. If you're using the beta version and if you're in ToB, there may be some unresolved issues.

  2. It turns out that I couldn't do a hotfix without potentially messing up other mods, so I simply versioned up. The new beta is theoretically BGEE compatible, although I'm going to have to ask a friend to test install that since I don't have BGEE. But it installs just fine on Tutu. But the important thing is that the scripting error is fixed.


    To avoid scrambled strings and other reinstallation woes, please follow these steps:


    1. Print out your weidu.log. To do this, locate your weidu.log in your installation folder and open it with any text editor. Notepad will work, if necessary. Print it out. It is very important to have a hardcopy of this.

    2. Beginning with the last entry of your weidu.log, uninstall that mod. Uninstall the one before it, and so on, until you reach Garrick's Infatuation.

    3. Uninstall Garrick's Infatuation and delete the folder.

    4. Download Garrick's Infatuation here and install it as you normally would.

    5. Referring to that printout of your weidu.log, install the mod that came after Garrick's Infatuation, and then each mod after that in order. That is important.

    6. Carry on with your game.


    Apologies to hook71! I neglected to fix the typos and grammar errors. This will undoubtedly go through one more version up after the BGEE testing comes back, so I will do them then.

  3. You'd have to find the block of code Adanedhel posted, change the (12) to (25) and reinstall the mod. I can put a hotfix together tonight, but it will have to wait until tonight. It will only take a few moments, but I need to be home to do it.


    Ah, yes, this is what it is to be modding again. But it's about time.

  4. No, there's still no ToB progress since the last update. I had a bunch of it written and then life got crazy. I'm considering packaging what there is (the banters and half-dozen or so friendship talks that are written) and getting it into testing. I'm used to juggling projects, but at this point, I've just got too many balls in the air and I need to decide which ones I'm going to drop.

  5. Yes, to edit locals, you do it the same way you do globals, you just select the character you want to change.


    Would you believe this is the first report I've had of the Chanelle reaction stutter? I'll add it to my list of stuff to fix.

  6. If the dialogue is set to the wrong file, you aren't going to get any dialogue from him. I'm going to have to investigate this issue, but I will do it immediately and get back to you soon. Of course, in my case, "immediately" means when I get home from work... which may take a day or two.


    Would you mind sending me a saved game? If nothing else, I can repair the save and email it back to you. If you open your game directory, you will find a file called "Save". Inside that file, you will see individual save file folders. Find the one with the latest time-stamp, put it in a ZIP or RAR archive, and send it to me at my screen name at gmail dot com.

  7. Not really. He doesn't have a joining file or p-file yet, so he'd be bugged. I think I've actually got most of his dialogue written apart from the NPC/NPC banters. I should probably just put what's done together, test it, and release what's ready rather than hold it up indefinitely waiting for time I'll never have.

  8. Nope, it is an unauthorized patch. As in: I did not have any knowledge of it, no one asked me if it was okay to upload files of it anywhere, and I have not tested it to make sure that it doesn't break the mod. Which it did.


    Prior to your report, I had no idea that the Big World Text Pack existed. Now that I do know it exists, my opinion of it has not changed.


    No mod strings have changed since version 3 which was released in 2007.


    It may sound as if I am being unreasonable to the people on the Big World Project and to the international community. I would very much like to make the German translation available to players, but I would like it to be part of the existing package and available to anyone who downloads the mod, not just those who are playing with a third party hack pack. Would it be ethical for me to download the thing myself and include it in the mod without the translator's permission? No. Likewise, I don't consider it ethical to make significant changes to mod structure without informing the author and obtaining permission first.


    I'm pretty easygoing about modding the mod. I have already said that I have no objection to other mods including content for my mods (banters, reactions, interjections, a gay/bi variation on the romance, etc). My only caveat is that if it's going to change any existing code, let me know. They did not.


    Nobody likes being asked to fix things they didn't break.

  9. Considering that Gavin v8 has not been translated into German that I know of, you are working with a pirated copy of the mod. I am sorry, but I am unable to support unofficial versions. As you can see, I have no control over the quality or completeness of the pirated version.


    About the only thing I can tell you to do is to download the official copy and move the missing file to the appropriate location. install that instead. On further reflection, I have no idea what other bugs are lurking in the pirated copy.


    Do you have a link to the place where you downloaded the German version?

  10. It could be that several talks stacked. I'll take a look at spacing. Putting area checks on the chapter talks may help, since you probably got at least two of those in a row.


    Don't worry about a change log. I know some of the code is screwy. It's important to remember that when I wrote this thing, I had very, very little modding experience. There were a lot of things that I would have done differently both from a coding and a writing standpoint. I keep thinking that I'll go back and revise and maybe streamline the scripting, but then I get distracted by something shiny and good intentions go out the window.

  11. Yes, it should, but that proved problematical.There is no way to advance the game timer 8 hours, and this conversation can occur while there are plot dreams. Since there are area transitions in the cutscenes I did not want to risk stranding the PC in a mod area if a plot dream occured during resting. We had that problem with Romantic Encounters, and the solution was to use a cutscene simulation of rest without actually advancing the clock.

  12. Oh, gods, typos and spelling mistakes abound! You'd never know that this mod has been out for... five years. And it has been through proofreading on more than one occasion.


    Le sigh.


    Anyway, no ETA on an update, I'm afraid. I want to do one, especially now that I've seen the typo list, but RL is too hectic to make promises like that. Rest assured that when I do make the update, all of these typos will be fixed. thanks for including file and line number refs for everything. It will make things much easier to fix. :D

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