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  1. So, after doing my own investigation, it seems this component conflicts with the 'Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters' component of Tweaks Anthology, but only if Tweaks is installed first. Installing this component on SCS and then moving on to Tweaks it seems to install fine.
  2. I have a small suggestion: allow paladins and rangers to use Wands of the Heavens. They're divine spell casters just like clerics or druids, I don't see why they should be restricted.
  3. Heya everyone, the Make Montaron an Assassin component made me think that there are more opportunities to give class kits to some NPCs in BG1. - Make Ajantis a Cavalier - Make Eldoth a Jester - Make Faldorn an Avenger - Make Kagain a Dwarven Defender (EE only) - Make Kivan an Archer OR Stalker - Make Safana a Swashbuckler - Make Shar-teel a Berserker Thoughts?
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