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  1. Spell revisions add opcode 328 to spells SPPR403 (Free Action), SPWI406(Minor Globe of Invulnerability) and SPWI602(Globe of Invulnerability). Normal BGT game (not EE), so i get CTD when i try to use those spells.
  2. I have found this script and have a question about what it does exactly. I understand that it removes drow items. Is that all? Also, can i remove it without further problems?
  3. @Mike Oh, ok. Sorry about that. Didn't know about it. Thought it was broken. Thank you for clarifying things.
  4. Can you remove your bad joke from next version,please? I mean code from beholder_steal.ssl and global_steal.ssl - it makes said shield completely unusable. While also running those scripts constantly since it is set to "0" by default. I would like to use Balduran shield from item revisions - if it doesn't get stolen.
  5. Shield of Balduran +3 from wa2shiel.itm seems to have wrong description when i see it in "item_rev\itm". Edit1.But when i check next backup it looks normal. Maybe BWFixpack fixes it? Well, anyway...can you check it, please.
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