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  1. Seems to work fine for now! I used it against two ghouls. I'll keep you up to date if something goes wrong. Thanks! Mind explaining me how you managed to do it?
  2. I think you may be right. Since the original spell grants such bonus, it should be enough to copy the original effect using Near Infinity. Unzip the attached file and drop it in your Override then see if it does the additional damage. Nope, it seems to do the damage to the wielder instead.
  3. Seems i've encountered another bug, Phantom blade doesn't do the extra 10 damage against undead. Unless i'm missing something, can this be investigated? Or explained how i'd be able to fix it?
  4. IF the SpellRev is not the only mod you have installed, the skeletons might get a immunity to the opcode you try to use... check the items they carry.Aka, it could be wrong opcode usage. Or mismatch with undead immunities between mods... How would one go about changing if that is the case? I'm not all too familiar with near infinity so a step by step would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I have installed the latest Beta version (4 Beta 15). The description of Harm mentions 90 points of Damage, not 150. Halt Undead should work fine (I took a quick look with NI). Those skeletons should definitely be affected but consider that they can save against it (at -2). Ah, then it just leaves the halt spell. I've been trying to fiddle around with it in near infinity. I tried adding a global string to the other version of the halt undead as they're two version presented. SWPI3240.SPL and the same thing but with a D at the end of it. I added a missing global string to the D verison to see if it would work but i'm still not getting anything different other than they save from time to time but never become immobile.
  6. Is this Skeletons or Skeleton WARRIORs ? The second ones are not "undead". I think it's the skeletons that are mainly the undead you face in baldur's gate 1. http://baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Skeleton
  7. Seems to be some problems, Halt undead doesn't affect skeletons and Harm doesn't seem to do 150 damage, only up to 90 magical damage. How can i fix this?
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