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  1. So far I've only really experienced Aerie dealing with the cleric stronghold (which was very in character for her) and Haer Dalis with the playhouse where he obviously went for the big spender without consultation, probably also fitting. Rarely if ever play with him in my group. And I have to say, it's awesome. Thank you for all your work. Kind of wish to see what Edwin would do with the Planar Sphere but that's probably for another playthrough.
  2. I want to go through the NPC strongholds but I want to keep my party small and just go through the quests as quickly as possible rather than waiting for weeks while poor Imoen is being held and tortured by Irenicus. I sort of assume that there is a sort of timer variable that counts down to the moment the next quest is available. Anyone knows what these are? Most importantly for the Bard Playhouse quest since I don't really want Haer Dalis for the ride (he seemed sulky after I threw him out and I had to beg him to come back, I suppose there's a limit as to how often he'll rejoin) and there are at least 7 steps before you even start to make gains and he already spent 10 000 on it. Side question: do you need to have Keldorn in your party when you first speak to Firkraag in the Copper Coronet?
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