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  1. I had this issue quite a few times, seemingly at random. Sometimes I'll load my game and play a bit. When I check my world map it will be all blacked out, and you can only see the locations you can travel to and their names. Everything else is black. I'm using the world map mod that comes with BWS, too. Not sure the exact name but it's a huge world map that includes the entirety of the planet, I think. And sometimes the map is fine but only if I exit the game and try it again. Sometimes it's still black. Just thought I'd report this bug. Cheerio.
  2. Damn. Roxanne, you're a genius! Look what I found: "Increase difficulty of level-dependent groupings - almost maximum difficulty" - lol. Damn. Looks like those 2 tweaks right there are what's frustrating me. I'm still claiming innocence, as I didn't think that turning those on would make the groupings IMPOSSIBLE, only very difficult. But seriously, those settings along with having too little XP for the early parts of the game (too little for those settings, anyway) + Hard difficulty meant those encounters were impossible, not just difficult, which is no bueno. At least we figured i
  3. Ah, so it's the base encounter itself. Weird. Then that's really the main thing I have an issue with - that particular encounter. It gets weirder from a roleplaying standpoint because the child was kidnapped and we ended up having to just give up on the rescue and maybe come back much later. So yeah, strange one there. Still have to get back into it and play more, but the random wildnerness encounter with 6 mages was flipping impossible, too. And the one encounter with shapeshifters in the wildnerness as well. The 3 Rakshasas at multiple times (on the streets of BG after the Flail of Ages
  4. For me, it's not necessarily that the Tough Vampires setting is turned ON, it's more about that specific encounter. Do all vampire encounters spawn that amount of Elder + Ancient Vampires? Because if so, that is going to be really hard for my party to deal with. If it's just that one encounter, I think it should be toned down a bit, that's all. Reduce the overall number of vamps in that one by a few to make it tactical, yet not overly hard. What I did when installing all these mods with BWS was turn ON all tactical/tough SCS options. So far, so good, but that does mean that there is room f
  5. Hah, nice! You are already thinking ahead of the game. Wish I could restart and try your mod, it sounds awesome, but I'm already deeper into BG2. And this is actually the furthest I've ever gotten in BG2, so I'd like to at least beat the game once. ON a future EET run, though, I'll use the Sandrah mod for sure. You'll have to let me know of some others I should try, too, since I was a bit unclear on which ones *should* be enabled with BWS (a few were yellow/orange, and at the time I wasn't sure if they would mess up the XP gains and stuff like that. Which is why I hope BWS functionality i
  6. Good stuff, thanks Roxanne. What I meant by EET Team is that I always thought modders should team up and work as a group on adding more great content to the game in that style. I understand why modders don't want to do that, but hopefully the EET becomes more popular so more players use it as the standard way to play the game. Then modders wouldn't have to worry about missing their audience. But yeah, I get that. Nobody seems to like BG1 much anymore compared to BG2 (I do, but whatever.) Power in numbers and all that. More modders should combine forces and focus their efforts + combine tal
  7. Your Sandrah mod is exactly what I'm talking about. I meant to ask if the EET team had any plans to expand into actual content. Others could do like your Sandrah mod, offering EET content that ties together things in BG1-SoD-BG2, offering official new story bits and "EET exclusive" type of content. Sort of like Beamdog does but this content would be for the EET. That would be cool, IMO. I also wish the whole thing would be easier to get into. I like how BWS makes it easier to install things, but as a first time player I messed up by adding all these extra SCS options, even though I knew th
  8. Hey Roxanne, you can check mine as well as I'm pretty far into EET. Probably 200+ hours now, and completed several quests in BG2. Taking a slight break but hope to return to it soon (just a bit bored by gaming in general right now.) A few balance-related things I noticed: 1. Vampires in Firkraag's dungeon are so very, very tough, especially compared to the rest of the dungeon. I had to turn back twice from them. The Rakshasa outside is no joke, either, but that's okay since A) it's a Rakshasa, and B) it is a good indicator to NOT go into the dungeon until you're stronger. 2. Mages are of
  9. It was hell on Earth indeed but I got past it. Turned up XP gain to 150% for a few to catch up and will set it back to 50 probably once it's balanced out. I guess the 250k cap for SoD was a bad idea after all. Guess I gotta learn the hard way, lol.
  10. Right right, thanks for the tips. Yeah, I was going to try a Protection From Magic scroll + a few other possible tricks (3 Improved Invisible characters, Valygar backstabbing + Wand of Heavens from the shadows and a strong attack from my Cavalier to start the battle, then spam Monster Summoning/Breach/Dispel if necessary.) So yeah, hopefully that works. My main question now is - what should I do about future XP? The game is not "hard" in that it's too hard or too tricky, it's "impossible" because I'm too low level. So I was thinking of running 150% XP for a few hours, doing a quest or two
  11. Huh. I guess I missed all that before installing. Oh well. Guess I'll try again some other time. Didn't realize those options would render the game impossible.
  12. So the massive time traveling (would take 5 days to travel to Ulgoth's Beard, etc.) would be alright to do then? No real time limit or anything in BG2? And for future XP, you think setting it to 50% would be good from here on out then? I don't want to get to a point where the game is impossible to progress, and it's my first time through the game with EET so I'm not sure if that would/could happen.
  13. Ah, thank you for that information. Would be awesome to have it be an actual useful item in BG2. Okay, so I just double checked, and my party is mostly level 9, even some 8. Our highest casting level is 5. We're stuck in the Planar Sphere and I'm not sure what to do. I've raised the XP gain back to 50% but now I'm wondering if I need to set it higher to "catch up" to where I should be. I ended up missing out on Ulgoth's Beard thinking I would come back later in BG2, so might have missed some XP there, but I did Durlag's Tower. Will thoroughly examine the rest of Athkatla and do all the que
  14. Awesome, thanks Fouinto! I save often already so it's all good. I never ragequit games, but the fight with the halfling mage in the Planar Sphere where he was Near Dead and then killed CHARNAME nearly made me do it, lol. We were fighting that battle for almost an hour trying to win and had to keep re-loading. One of the things I notice about the AI improvements in SCS and what not is that they tend to target the main character at times, even if he/she isn't the most dangerous. My little Gnome Mage/Thief was away from combat minding his business and the mage felt the need to ignore the Cav
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