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  1. Topic says it all. How can I enable the main component of Spell Revisions without enabling the crappy 'Petrification Fix' that makes Basilisks able to ignore petrification protections other than immunity or spell resistance? Oh, and I'd need to re-enable Protection from Petrification, cause the main component kills that too. The spell, the spell scroll, *and* the Protection scroll sold from divine shops.
  2. Oh wonderful, thanks Imp <3 For whatever reason, I was thinking it added new items, not changed existing ones.
  3. Why is it that neither Google nor any documentation / forum posts I could find have a spoiler list of these? At the very least the Readme could have said they're in the default locations for their 1H counterparts (assuming that's what these 2H axes are based on), if that's even true (I haven't been able to check yet). And if not, there really needs to be some way to track the damnable things down or spending proficiency points on Axes is useless. Wrote all that while tired, sorry. Let me try again with less REEEEE. Where can I find the 2H axes? Are they just the original 1H axes made 2H and found in the same spots? Are they new and added to various non-standard locations? Can someone update the Readme to at least give a hint as to how to find them if it's the latter?
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