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  1. Don't own EE for BG2, and honestly prefer Tutu over EE for Baldurs gate 1. Once turned Xan into a fighter/mage, upped his strength and gave him two moonblades. Was kinda fun
  2. Hello, I've always wondered what exactly makes it wieldable only by Xan. What does the code actually check for? I tried Use any item, still couldn't wield it. Several of the SoA personal items are wieldable if you meet some hidden stat requirements.
  3. I would consider myself a veteran player, i have completed the vanilla game more times than i can count. Hence why i was looking to spice the game up a bit. Did you go straight to Nashkel in your game? I did, hence why the poisonous kobold guards and Nimbul felt a bit over the top. The game does try to guide you towards Nashkel early on, so i feel like a low level party should be able to clear it without too much frustration. Kahrk is placed in an otherwise low-level area, so i didn't exactly expect a fight that could Flatten Drizzt. Wasn't complaining about the difficulty of the bandit camp either, just felt it was odd that they didn't leave anyone to guard Ender Sai. Why didn't he just run away? Suggested the Gnoll because it is by far the weakest of the usual tent crew. Don't think centeol was optional in this mod? The dialogue really broke immersion for me.
  4. I would also love it if the Chieftain was a bit stronger. Maybe have him cast bless and remove fear? Have him as a Shaman. Or you could add a Gnoll shaman which buffs the other gnolls. The chieftain could then have a rage ability like the ogre berserker.
  5. Hey, i've just installed this mod and have worked my way to the cloakwood forest. I really like this mod, but there are a couple of things i personally would like to see changed. Nashkel Mines: I installed the option for making it harder, and i find that the added poison damage was really griefy. At levels 1-2 parties usually don't have potions of antidote and they cannot use the spell slow poison yet, meaning that poison was instant-death forcing me to reload. I think it would be better if the Guard Kobolds/Kobold chieftain instead had a chance of doing 1d2 or 1d3 acid damage. Aren't they using acid on the iron in the mine anyway? I also felt like the battle against the kobold shaman and chieftain was far more difficult than Mulahey himself. I would suggest removing or nerfing the Shaman. Nimbul: Nimbul seemed a bit over the top, i have fought him twice. First time he casts multiple stoneskins, domination spells, magic missiles, chromatic orbs and melfs acid arrow. He also used minor sequencer. Second time he didn't cast domination spells, but used other crowd control spells and a lot of damage spells. He also used minor sequencer. I think that's a bit over-the-top to send at a level 1-3 party. My suggestion is to turn him into a level 8 Blade instead (avoiding 9th level because of magic missile). I believe he was a Bard in the unmodded game. Bandit camp: I thought it was a little weird that they didn't leave anyone to guard Ender Sai. Maybe just leave the Gnoll? Centol the spider queen: Why is her dialogue so weird? "Weather is nice...maybe". What. I Don't get it? Why was this even changed. The spiders also attacked me while i was in dialogue, which felt mildly unfair Kahrk: This guy is nuts. He casts like a level 12 Mage. I know he is a level 12 Ogre magi, but that is not the same as a level 12 Mage. He felt like something out of the Tactics mod for BG2. I would suggest nerfing his spellcasting to that of a level 7 or 8 mage. His AC, saving throws, HP and attacks per turn still makes him a worthy foe. It took me about an HOUR to defeat him with my level 4-5 party. Edit: So i did all of the above with my new party, and Kahrk was no match for a level 6-7 party. I still think he should be toned down a bit, since he is in a low level area. Daveorn's new AI was a bit weird, he casts two clouds then he did nothing until i initiated combat. Honestly didn't feel more difficult than usual? The mine levels above him where far more challenging, and the Drasus party outside was quite tough to beat. Love the changes to Ulcaster. More weird dialogue: The Zhentarim mages in Sorcerous sundries. Bug? Sorcerous sundries does not have Melf's minute meteors, although the read me says that it does. Would like to see: Ankheg hive mother in the Ankheg nest. Wyvern matriach in the Wyvern den.
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