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  1. oh darn, maybe that was the issue. thanks anyway for the quick response
  2. Hey guys discovered Gemrb when looking for ways to play BG2EE with more than 6 party members, but have hit a wall trying to install it on windows 7. I followed the directions best i could installing python 2.7.13 windows x86 msi installer and erased the "sample" from the GemRB.cfg.sample file then editing it with notepad++ changing the gamepath to where my game is installed. but that where i hit a snag, when i try to open the gemrb.exe but the CMD window opens then closes so fast i cant even read any of the text to see where my error is. i have tried multiple times to install MSVC redistributable runtime thinking that was my issue but still have the same error... ​Any help would be appreciated, im really looking forward to playing BG2 on this cool platform.
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