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  1. Minor update - new portrait for Ashar. Well, maybe my drawings aren't marvellous, but Ashar wasn't supposed to be a miss of Faerun So I invite you to download and try out my modyfication!
  2. Ashar When asked about her past, ASHAR snaps, "What does it matter now?" and flicks her hand dismissively. Nevertheless, she starts to incoherently relate her tale. She was raised in the Sword Mountains, north of Waterdeep. In this place, a powerful warrior called Dagon Iron Shield created a country which gathered local half-orc tribes. Ashar served in Dagon's personal guard. She talks with a great respect for him, praising his skills, honor, and fair deeds. However, two years ago, Iron Shield was killed by his power-hungry son. Most of Dagon's supporters were forced to flee or be kil
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