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  1. I was wondering something, since SCS development seems to be more active lately. There are two fights in SCS that seem broken right now : - Cernd against Faldorn at the Druid Grove when he's not in your team; - Liia Jannath at the Ducal Palace. Liia, even though she's a mage of some power, just stands there and wait for death to come while the doppelgangers hack at her. Shouldn't she at least fire up some defenses ? Same for Cernd; even though he's a shapeshifter, he doesn't bother to transform or cast spells and just try to whack an high level druid with his staff. Not quite to optimal strategy for either of them if you ask me. At this point, people have developped strategies for these fights. However, I wonder if those are intended behaviors - which I doubt, because they simply don't make sense technically and are immersion breaking. Those things were not fixed - if it need to be - in v31 because it's outside the scope of the release, but will those two fights be addressed in a future version ? Edit : a bug created two versions of this thread. Admin, could you delete one of them ? Thanks !
  2. Mantle is a nice idea, it totally fits the spell behavior now. Isn't there a way to change the name of the spell and its description, while keeping its original script name for the AI ? I think I read about that somewhere. Since the spell behavior is so close to the unmodded game one, I guess it wouldn't be too drastic to implement. Actually, how does the AI handle new spells like Moment of Prescience in SCS for SR ?
  3. Ok, good to know. I guess I can understand and accept the logic behind it, but the description doesn't match the behavior. Maybe indicate that it protects against all weapon ?
  4. I might have found a bug with the Protection from Magic Weapons spell. SPWI611 is coded to protect against enchantment levels from 0 to 6 instead of protecting against weapons flagged as magical. My test was with v4 beta15, with nothing but IR and SR installed. PfMW indeed protects against even non-magical weapons. There's another PfMW spell in my override folder, SPIN686, which is coded correctly. However, when a sorcerer choose a level 6 spell (which was the case in my test), he has access to the SPWI611 spell, which protects against everything. Is it the intended behavior ?
  5. Hey there ! I think I spotted a bug in IR. When I check in NI, the Bala's Axe Dispel effect doesn't allow a save vs spell like its description says. Probably not intended because then the item is a bit too powerful.
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