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  1. I was wondering something, since SCS development seems to be more active lately. There are two fights in SCS that seem broken right now : - Cernd against Faldorn at the Druid Grove when he's not in your team; - Liia Jannath at the Ducal Palace. Liia, even though she's a mage of some power, just stands there and wait for death to come while the doppelgangers hack at her. Shouldn't she at least fire up some defenses ? Same for Cernd; even though he's a shapeshifter, he doesn't bother to transform or cast spells and just try to whack an high level druid with his staff. Not quite to optim
  2. Mantle is a nice idea, it totally fits the spell behavior now. Isn't there a way to change the name of the spell and its description, while keeping its original script name for the AI ? I think I read about that somewhere. Since the spell behavior is so close to the unmodded game one, I guess it wouldn't be too drastic to implement. Actually, how does the AI handle new spells like Moment of Prescience in SCS for SR ?
  3. Ok, good to know. I guess I can understand and accept the logic behind it, but the description doesn't match the behavior. Maybe indicate that it protects against all weapon ?
  4. I might have found a bug with the Protection from Magic Weapons spell. SPWI611 is coded to protect against enchantment levels from 0 to 6 instead of protecting against weapons flagged as magical. My test was with v4 beta15, with nothing but IR and SR installed. PfMW indeed protects against even non-magical weapons. There's another PfMW spell in my override folder, SPIN686, which is coded correctly. However, when a sorcerer choose a level 6 spell (which was the case in my test), he has access to the SPWI611 spell, which protects against everything. Is it the intended behavior ?
  5. Hey there ! I think I spotted a bug in IR. When I check in NI, the Bala's Axe Dispel effect doesn't allow a save vs spell like its description says. Probably not intended because then the item is a bit too powerful.
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