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  1. Which is why in the linked post Bartimaeus said this needed to be addressed by the Anthology, not IR/IRR.
  2. Mentioned in the Item Revisions (Revised) topic, is there any chance to take into account the minor alterations made by Item Revisions for the two tweak components cross-sharing Cromwell and Cespenar recipes? This would finally align the tweaks' compatability. http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=28894&page=5&do=findComment&comment=258432
  3. Carian (and Cam), I'm not a committed gamer, so I guess I like to mod any new games I try to a best "modern" standard (widescreen/hi-res, high-quality texture updates etc.) with all necessary bugfixes and restoration of omitted content (eg. Unfinished Business, Almateria's mod, NPC dialogues), but not adding massive non-original mod quests (like Shadows over Soubar or Northern Tales, which appear to be still a little buggy). That, and BGT, would be my absolute baseline and should be solid. I think I'm capable of then tweaking the game balance I want through research - for instance I can already tell that SCS is likely too hardcore for me and Spell Revisions is too far from vanilla, while I'm liking the look of Rogue Rebalancing and some of subtledoctor's melee/NPC balancing work - plus some reasonable ease-of-use/tweak mods to make play a bit less restricted (eg. Pack Mule). But like most normal people I don't want to commit large amounts of my life to playing a single game, so I'm more of a "play once or twice and move on" player, which is why I'd rather have an optimal, satisfying game first time than going back repeatedly trying different rule and playstyle combinations... That might change if I get immersed in BG's role-playing, of course, and I have been a low-grade modder before for other games I've really gotten into (Morrowind). Normally that level of basic refurb for modern play wouldn't be too tricky. From my perspective as a new non-EE BG player, though, it's like following the White Rabbit down the rabbithole: to know what mods you want, you really need to play the game, but to play a game you have to have a far more than minimally modded game to start with. Unfortunately BG seems to be an anomaly in the pack, in the sense that it's so old as an engine plus being a hackjob bastardisation of multiple versions of paper D&D for the computer - the fact that it has been so actively modded with so many approaches to rebalancing suggests how broken the original implementation and balance was. A few fixpacks, widescreen mod and a little restored content just won't cut it! And then there are the mod order intricacies to work out, with so many important subcomponents needing to be added at different points in the installation. I don't remember this level of complication making PS:T fit for modern play. :/ Indeed, I'm astonished that the state of the fixpacks is still so fluid after all this time; it's hard to believe that there could be so many engine/text bugs still left to find after so many excellent modders have spent so many years on it... The problem then becomes picking your way through this vast minefield of strongly held personal opinions over the "best" mods for setup and balance and their installation order, when the forums date back to 2005, mod quality has changed massively and the majority of info is now almost all outdated (even in pinned topics). Especially if you haven't been following this modding scene for all those years and know exactly where to start, since there's no obvious "absolute beginners guide" at the top of any of the forums, that I've found. (Just random posters shouting at you to "just use BWS" as if it'll solve everything with a single click, when you STILL need to understand just what that's installing in order to use it properly.) Above all, CamDawg especially as I can see how involved you are in multiple critical active mods, I want you to be sure that I am grateful that there are still modders working actively on this. SInce thanks are all you get for that work, you can never have enough encouragement. (And yeah, I'm sucking up now in case I get an itch to start modding and need someone to bug and hand-hold. ) OK, I guess we're done derailing this thread.
  4. Well, there's such a thing as BiG World Setup tool, that allows you to just skip manual mod install and have nearly every kind of mod under the sun in a single install. You have not either heard of it, which means you have not asked in the right place, or that you have ignored the answers, just cause it's at a thread that's hundreds of pages of forum about it, while this is just the 4th page here. And it's in a forum called Mega Mod Help. I wonder where you fell. Not that this is large failure on your part, as there can be reasons which will preclude people from finding this info, such as silence. I don't want to start multi-forum flame wars with you, Jarno, but maybe you can take the hint that I'm not interested in random unsolicited (and irrelevant to the topic) opinions. And neither might other forum users want you spamming threads with them either. Whatever your personal need to proselytise BWP, you can't just assume I'm unaware of it. Or assert that I've deliberately ignored threads about it. SInce you're effectively stating I'm ignorant, you're being incredibly offensive, although I'll allow you some latitude in lack of first-language comprehension that you might not appreciate that. Are you deliberately trying to turn away new players from asking questions? If you actually READ my original comment I said I've been researching modding BG for over a MONTH now, before being able to play a SINGLE game. It's sad, but it's largely inescapable for new players, since the scope of the various fixpacks, BGT, IR, extra quests, NPC additions etc., pretty much make Megamodding the only way to go, which means that EVERYTHING you might want to include has to be in place (and working) before you start your game. It's a HELL of a steep learning curve just to play such an old game. That means there are a LOT of forums to wade through comparing mods and discarding irrelevant and outdated advice (which is why your 20,000 posts REALLY don't help as much as you seem to think they do). I'm well aware BWP is one way to go about it, but frankly I've seen as many bug reports and cries for help in those forums as people finding it plain sailing, so ignoring the fact that as a sane, security-conscious computer user I don't particularly want an untrusted VB script and multiple unattended batch files trawling over my computer, it doesn't look such an attractive option to me. I'd rather research heavily then install carefully by hand using the excellent PDF guide. Plus I'd note that even to such a new forum user as me, I can notice recent comments about the maintainer disappearing, see the holes in his own mod version compatability matrix on the German site it is linked to, and see where the guide has not been updated for the most recent components. So please don't claim it's the ultimate panacea for new modders, because it is clearly not, for everyone. My apologies to Cam for the off-topic reply in this thread. Thanks for your helpful reply, though. I'm glad I've been of help tightening up the readme.
  5. Bruised ego much? 20,000 posts obviously characterised, even evident to someone not long familiar with these forums, much wilful misapprehension and deliberate contrariness, either for the sake of devil's advocate or just need to appear superior, I'm not sure. Whatever. If you want to complain about the merits of the tweak I mentioned, do that in that in the Anthology thread. I asked a question about compatability with THIS mod, which your original comment neither illuminated nor answered. Maybe that's why you have 20,000 posts - because you comment unhelpfully about many things, a lot... @Bartimaeus/Mike, thanks for your answers. I'll mention this in the Anthology subforum to see if there's a way to account for these small changes.
  6. Why am I not surprised (from having read a lot around here) that you've got totally the wrong end of the stick, Imp? It's not about the game engine. The tweaks are specific that conceptually there should be no difference making an armour item from red dragon scales as opposed to, say, white dragon scales. Scales are scales. Why should one smith only have the ability to create one type of armour, and the other (too conveniently, to force you to shop around, or travel, or whatever) only be able to make another? Dragon-scale armour manufacture should be the common skill of these uncommon smiths, whatever the colour/nature of the scales. There's a logic to that that's more persuasive than the vanilla forced skill separation. In mod terms my question is really about whether the added recipes in the Anthology are appended somehow, so they won't overwrite IR tweaks, or whether (possible with the much older Daulmakan mod I might guess) the recipe lists are being overwritten, so destroying the IR tweaks. Or vice versa.
  7. Thanks for replying! I think this was the post I saw (found in a forum search for "Cromwell") from Toxin's list of questions about specific tweak/fix compatibilities: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27682&do=findComment&comment=239965 OK, re-reading, it's sadly advising not to install the Cromwell/Cespenar cross-recipe components, perhaps for safety more than reason, rather than being definite that it will mess things up. But it still seemed a bit dismissive in the face of the persuasive case made by the tweaks (strange inability to manufacture from almost identical components) - at least to a new player like me. Are any of the recipes modded by IR/IRR? There are also other tweak mods out there that add extra recipes to both - other than balance issues, are they likely to be problematic with IR/IRR? EDIT: eg. Daulmakan's Item Pack v1.8 - extra recipes rather than all the wholesale item revisions, obviously.
  8. Hi Bartimaeus From the WOW feedback you've had from some of the elder modders, this looks like a fantastic addition, and the fact that you're updating/bugfixing so assiduously is very reassuring to a new BGT player like me. Can I ask - will you be making any effort to make IRR more compatible with the Tweaks Anthology components that share "recipes" between Cromwell and Cespenar? In the main IR thread there was discussion about this and the original authors were rather dismissive about the possible effects of installing both (implying that would be a mess). It would be a shame if that wasn't patched also... although I note the Cromwell component stating it might overpower the game, which I realise conceptually runs counter to the spirit of IR/IRR.
  9. Sorry for the incredible thread resurrection... but my simple question is probably better to add to a relevant thread than make a new post. Brand new player here (yeah really! There are still a few people who've never done BG before...) so I'm having to spend a LOT of time working through the mod descriptions to work out what'll work and what might be useful for a first playthrough, and make sense of the uber-picky mod ordering. (I've never previously had to spend more than a month researching such an old game's modding before I can ever setup/play my first game. :/ ) Anyway, the question: reading the Tweaks Anthology 4 readme, this component confused me. Although five of the new entrance points seem to be in the BG1 part of the game, the readme suggests only ONE is changed for BGT, and the others are not. Is the readme wrong, is there a restriction I can't understand on this for BGT, or is it just badly phrased? The line in question: The problematic word there is "only". If BGT gets all the BG1 changes, not just Beregost, couldn't this be rephrased to be clearer? If BGT doesn't, why not, please? BTW, can I make a request to ALL the mod-hosting sites out there, such as SHS and yourselves, that'll REALLY help new players/modders like me and save us a VAST amount of time searching forums for often heavily outdated information... In your download sections, make clear when old mods, especially tweaks, have been superceded by or rolled into newer ones. When all the ancient tiny tweaks are listed with the same priority and no indication that they are now long deprecated, it bloats the listings and makes selecting mods for newcomers INCREDIBLY difficult. I am very grateful (and relieved) that here every deprecated fix/tweakpack download page has been helpfully updated with a note about the Anthology - I have to say that it's mostly SHS that is terrible in this regard... eg. you just have to look at the flat crosslisting of EVERY old outdated component version of 1pp to see that there's no attempt there to guide new modders to the newest, more comprehensive v4 ANYWHERE. Or the old Ascenscion64 engine fixes, long ago rolled into the fixpacks. Couldn't the community make an effort to move these and many others to specific sections for deprecated mods, noting their replacements clearly, if they must remain listed, to help everyone browsing the lists and reduce noise? Thanks for listening. /rant
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