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  1. Hi Wisp! First of all, thank you for this mod and your answers on it! It feels really good when the mod creator himself answers the questions! I think now I understand the mechanism a bit better (after reading your explanation a few times ), however I still have a few more questions now, but before that, one more bit of information about my situation: I'm nearly at the end of BG1, and explored most of the areas / found most of the items. If I miss something from BG1, it won't be a very big issue for me. Now my questions: I have a slight change in the mods installed compared to m
  2. Hi everyone, so I have a technical question regarding Item Randomiser. I was in a game with around ~12 mods intalled (including EET), and I had Item Randomiser with Option 1 - which worked fine. However, due to some technical issues, I had to fully uninstall then reinstall my games - that means a pure installation of BG:EE, BG2:EE and the mods I selected (Weidu log can be found in the attachments). Of course, I did not want to abandon my save game, so after having everything set again, I loaded my save game. Now here comes my question: how will Item Randomiser behave in this case? I
  3. If anyone faces this issue: by using AlienQUAKE's version with the fixes at the G3 GitHub repository, I was able to see and select the Divine Remix classes at character creation
  4. By the way, when trying to edit a save game with EE-Keeper, I have the option for the Kit to be the Holy Strategist of the Red Knight - so it seems like it's installed, but not available on the character creation screen...
  5. Dear All, this is the first time I try to use Divine Remix, and I encountered a very strange issue. I installed many mods using the Big World Setup - while most of them seem to work (at least what I can see from the character creation screen), I can't see the new classes below the Cleric kits. I wanted to try the Holy Strategist of the Red Knight Cleric Kit - however, when I try to create my character, only the original cleric kits are shown. I have tried re-installing the mod after BWS, but I still encounter the same issue. Do you know what can be the problem? I have a differe
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