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  1. perhaps something with text tokens might work for those that start in the CC - but I think it would be pretty clumsy.
  2. Yep, I have a 1680x1050 widescreen and did Tutu through with no problems.
  3. Well, there are two ways: 1) load the final save, and export the CHR, then copy the .CHR file to the BG2 directory 2) just copy the whole save folder to the BG2 save folder. Then, you can import at character creation. In the future, you might be more comfortable with the Big Picture, which has a more seamless transition.
  4. 288 SetName(I:STRREF*) This action changes the name of the active creature to the specified strref.
  5. Why, then are you not adding protection from spell school: divination, since the description specifically says: "Non-detectable by magical means such as detect invisibility and scrying." ?
  6. My solution was to have the script for the NPC trigger a dialog which takes back the item if anyone else in the party has it. Well, actually, it triggers a dialog which takes back the script, but it's almost the same. This allows the item to be used if you kill off the NPC, and you to equip something else to that slot of the NPC, if you decide it's better than the NPC item.
  7. Hrm, the only way I could think of to do this would be to add delayed effects to every spell - and every leveled effect in the spell. The effect could play an animation or set a token (IIRC) which would show up in the status. In any case, it would be clumsy, tedious and annoying.
  8. Is this stuttering you say you have a situation where you direct an action, and the character stops doing it? Or is it a case where the frame rate drops very, very low, and you get updates with a lot of stuff happening? (enable cheats and use control-D to enable frame rate monitoring).
  9. No, actually, I find the BG implementation much too FREE for my tastes. If it was up to me: I'd have the old 1e race level restrictions, including the high stat bonus levels. I'd have each suit of armor in the game be for a specific race, rather than generic. I'd have the intelligence and wisdom checks on levels of spells cast. I'd have the multiple levels of encumbrance implemented. I'd have mind control spells that alow an extra save if you order your controlled minion to attack friends. And so on.
  10. The trick is to tell them to move in formation with the enemy to behind them. Then you have to script a wait for them to get into position. Once in position, you can backstab. You can get my script to do this at http://wizwom.is-a-geek.net/BGMods/
  11. I implemented interact for my Jonathan NPC: //HACK danger! This assumes a biowar-supplied Interact.2da without any other NPC added on. APPEND_COL ~interact.2da~ ~$ $ WxJon c c c c c 0 c c 0 0 0 i 0 0 c c i s i i i 0 0 i~ APPEND ~interact.2da~ ~WxJon c c c c c 0 c c 0 0 0 i 0 0 c c i i i i i 0 i i 0~ This worked properly. "S" actually calls the banter dialog.
  12. If they had left guardsmen as 0-level NPCs, and Thugs and such, too... then the PC would be "too special." Not that that should have stopped them. In BG, Mulahey was 5th level, and the Kobolds were properly 4 HP 1/2 HD. Daveorn was 11th level, and his personal guard was 5th level (the other guards are badly built 1st level with 23 HP). Sarevok was 15th level, and his flunkies level 12/12 Ftr/Mage, 12 Mage, and 11 Fighter. But the Skeletons outside are the same 8 HP skeletons. Boss inflation is appropriate and proper, as you gain level. And inflated Bosses should have inflated lackeys. But towns should not inflate. At the point that you could take on Sarevok, you can get your rep down low enough and beat on squads of Flaming Fist for as long as you please. Possibly, what the Flaming Fist should do after you kill a few squads is try an all out assault, that is, every surviving Flaming Fist, led by Duke Eltan, should try to corral you and destroy you. But that would require a level of coding sophistication that frankly the game doesn't have.
  13. Unfortunately, the only way is to use 247 SetToken(S:Token*,I:STRREF*) This action sets the specified token to the specified value. Whenever the token is then used within a strref, the current value of the token will be displayed. Values assigned by this action are not saved. or 335 SetTokenGlobal(S:GLOBAL*,S:Area*,S:Token*) This action sets the specified token to the given variable (in the specified scope). The example script will display 100 over the head of the active creature. Then you put in your string <Token> and the engine does the replacement. I'm not sure whether the Global must be an integer, I expect so. Unfortunately, because of the limits of the scripting engine, you have to CheckStat against discrete integers. So there is not a clear way to set the stat into a Global quickly, you'd have to have a block for each possibility.
  14. Wow... 3400 words of pure drivel and paranoid rantings. Baronius surely has topped himself. What a show.
  15. just when you thought something made sense. Heh, thanks, Bioware.
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