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  1. Thanks, I can t hope such a fast answer.


    I ve made modifications for spell under level 5 :


    Agannazar : decreased from 3d6 to 2d8

    Melf Acid arrow : decreased from 1d6+2d4 to 2d4

    Fireball : decreased from 1d6/lvl to 1d4/lvl

    Flame arrow : 1 arrow / 3 level, decreased from 1d6+2d6 to 1d4+2d4

    Lightinning bolt : no changes (1d6/lvl)

    Melf meteor : decreased from +5 (thaco) to +3



    Call lightning : decreased from 6d6 to 5d6


    I want to add a paralyze effect to "cold cone", does it automatically find targeted ennemies ? should i copy/past an "Hold person (humanoid)" effect ?

    the duration seems to be equal to 6 per rounds ? exactly ?


    PS : i also struggle to edit spells descriptions, DLTCEP crash when i try to edit, i didn t find the files to edit spells descriptions... [RESOLVED : copy the dialog.tlk file in the main directory]

  2. Hello, (BG2:EE)


    I m trying to reduce some damage spells. In order to do, i have downloaded Infinity Engine and DLTCEP but i fail with each tool.


    Each path (effect.dat and chtin.key) are configured in the setup options.


    Then i load magic missile and i configure to 1D1 damage then I save the file in the override directory but nothing changes in game.


    I have installed bigworld with basic components (green) and kivan hero.



    Did i make something wrong ?


  3. Hello,
    In order to install low magic mod, i added "~ ~" to the last line of the setup.tra file in the language\en_US directory. Then the installation goes on and i achieve to install 4 componnents but the installation fails to install one of the componnent i would really like... ::: Component #500: Weaponized Wands

    could you help me to resolve this one please ?

    Here s the link BEDUG file :


    maybe it s cause i installed Kivan...

  4. Hello,


    I didn t find a way tooo reduce the scroll loot ? I ve done the first region of Irenicus dungeon and my mage has already his backpack full of scroll !!!!


    If i wanna add a mods with Big World, all i have to do IS "select the mods" in the latest selectioon then go ? I hope it wont break my installation with a translation.


    i would like to know if the "encounters when your group" has a rest is balanced ? Which mod can i install if this seems to easy to rest then attack ? Is a mod with a cumulative higher chance to encounter monsters exist ?

    Cumulative increase is not possible AFAIK. But Tweaks Anthology has a component to increase chance of enemy spawns, thus making resting more difficult.



    Yes it seems not possible to add a cumulative chance to encounters... I didn t play BG2 since a long time, anyway, I would be a good tester with my average experience of ADD and in a less measure BG : i m running BG2:EE with very hard difficulty and basic change of Big World and i m trying to make each region with only one rest. Do you think it s possible ? Maybe some regions are harder and could be achieved with a little bit more rest ? Then i ll send you how many rest i ve make per region (even if nothing is really interested...).


    I notice when Jaheira throw "sunscorch", it deals damage as an old spell but when it s my main character, sunscorch is nerfed as SR do (1d8+1/lvl). SO for now i only got one sunscorch spell for Jaheira.


    Then i feel the damage spell scaling too fast... Magic projectile make 1D4 then the fireball do 1D6 to all creature with only two levels inbetween, .... Probably everyone has its on opinion but mages has always been very strong. For now i m also restricted to learn one "fireball spell" per mage. I don t think i would install : Component #200: No Spell Level Scaling cause it s little bit "all or nothing" but i would appreciate a smooth scale of damage.


    Some part of low magics world looks fine to fit to BG as : Component #500: Weaponized Wands and could be added to the basic of BG


    PS : for now low magic world doesn t work on my setup....




    You also might like our Low Magic World mod, which I think we released since you were gone...


    (Okay I'm done advertising.)


    #500 components is really interessant,


    PS : Please, somebody can answer to my last message, thanks





    Long time passed since i ve installed a clean version with SR v4.0 and some basics component with Big World. I m starting the game now but i m asking if i can add "low magic world" without installing my french translation. I didn t find the correct topic for loow magic world so i m sorry if i post in the wrong place. I suppose it bugs cause i ve installed french translation.. What do you think about this ? Thanks


    [C:\Users\SM1983\Beamdog Library\00783\setup-low_magic.exe] WeiDU version 24400

    Using Language [English]


    [low_magic/language/en_US/setup.tra] PARSE ERROR at line 441 column 1-0

    Near Text:

    syntax error


    [low_magic/language/en_US/setup.tra] ERROR at line 441 column 1-0

    Near Text:


    ERROR: parsing [low_magic/language/en_US/setup.tra]: Parsing.Parse_error

    ERROR: problem parsing TP file [LOW_MAGIC/LOW_MAGIC.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error


    FATAL ERROR: Parsing.Parse_error


    Press ENTER to exit.



    Also, i would like to know if the "encounters when your group" has a rest is balanced ? Which mod can i install if this seems to easy to rest then attack ? Is a mod with a cumulative higher chance to encounter monsters exist ?


    PS : i already talk about infinity rest in this topic : http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29283&hl=rest

    It seems nothing exist yet.. it s pretty annoying


  7. Hello,


    I need a little bit help from experimented players or modders to get the name of a mod which relatively modify the rest system. I m not so experimented with BG so i m guessing if players are for/against a new system and if it already exists (which can improve the difficulty).


    Maybe some very experimented players could create a mod with a fixed number of rest for each dungeons (or special places), it could be really exciting !!! And outside, the encounters system could be improved so (it seems to be inside the SCS if i dont make mistake).



  8. Then,


    I can say why (maybe) the BWS could have done this report, it s probbably due to my personnal use error.

    When i opened the mod list, as i m a bit clumsy, i deselected one of the category - then i would like to REselect all the default recommended mod but i missed using " Mark > ..." .

    Maybe the old fashionned interface has pulled me to commit this mistake.

    I have checked the cure medium spell and it s level 2, as i have checked strenght of one which give +2 to all my companions (you include :jump:)

    I know SCS has a french version but as i can understand english when it s small text (at least less than a book) i will give a try for now.


    Here some of the message i have recieved during installation (retry with items revisions : it seems to work)


    ERROR: error copying [override/sw1h20.itm]
    ERROR: error copying [override/sw1h20.itm]
    ERROR: COPY ~item_rev/itm/sw1h20.itm~ ~override/sw1h20.itm~ FAILED: cannot open target
    ERROR: [item_rev/components/main/items.2da] -> [item_rev/components/main] Patching Failed (COPY) (Unix.Unix_error(24, "open", "item_rev/backup/0/sw1h20.itm"))
    ERROR: error copying [item_rev/backup/0/sw1h20.itm]
    ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(24, "open", "item_rev/backup/0/sw1h20.itm")
    Item Revisions by Demivrgvs (Main Component) - Installs all items (Item Revisions v4 (pre-release)) was not installed due to errors.



    And few uninstalled mods :


    The following originally selected mods could not be installed:

    Mod: Xan NPC
    Component: Xan NPC MOD for Baldur's Gate II

    Mod: Sword Coast Stratagems
    Component: NPCs go to inns

    Mod: SoD Banter Restoration
    Component: SoD Banter Restoration



    Thanks for sharing so much work.. I hope my Druid will shine again.

  9. Hello,


    i ve installed BWS.


    During the installation i have this message :


    The extraction of the following mod(s) failed:
    Spell Revisions v4 (pre-release): The Mod itself (Gibberlings3-SpellRevisions-v4b14-0-gc17796f.zip)

    Some files were not extracted. Do you want the BWS to run an integrity test on those files first, provide the files
    yourself (see remarks) or just continue?
    Enter [t]est, [p]rovide or [c]ontinue.
    All files seem to be intact.
    Enter [p]rovide or [c]ontinue.



    Is this a problem ?

  10. Hello, i bought Beamdog version, should i install BWFixpack after install the latest SR (v4b14) and IR (v4b10) ?


    Should i use Revised SCS ? this mods seems interessant but i m afraid of compatibility... If i install, should i install SR and IR after this mod (or before ?) ?



  11. Hello


    I wanna play with SR and IR with BG2EE.. Does it work with Beamdog version ? should i buy beamdog version ?


    I also want to play with french traduction which seems to works with BG2EE v2.3.67.3 ( link : https://github.com/Isaya/bg2eetrans/releases/tag/v0.6.67.3)


    So does it work with the final version of beamdog 2.0 ??


    Thanks, Regards


    Edit : i have installed Spell revision, items revision and revised SCS (and the french translation, and print all your spells and items modification cause they still remains the same) but now i m not sure if i must install Big World Fixpack ? does it override mods .?

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