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  1. The game has a few .2da files(savecndh.2da for halflings, savecndg.2da gnomes) that the game uses to add all the special save throw. When you install the component, the mod just copies over the files with it's own. The Atweaks has it's own files. Now, they could all be same and you wouldn't even notice... or the difference is 1 or 2 at most so... that's out of 20 dye, so you won't mostly even feel it, ever. In case of gnome 2 are substracted from Wand and Spell saving throws. With Spell Revisions installed I have found no way to make the constitution bonus count. Which at con 18 equals a sa
  2. I don't question the reason behind it. I'm just curious how one enables the constitution bonus. Installing atweaks afterwards didn't work. And maybe modding the bonus manually onto an item is a possibility. I don't know how to though
  3. Hello, I can´t figure out why but Spell Revisions v4 beta 15 messes around with my shorty saving throws (con bonuses). I tried a fresh BG EE SOD Install with only mod merge and Spell Revisions main Component. This is what already messes up the bonus. Gnomes generated receive -2 saving throw bonus as described in the description box but no further constitution bonus is applied. Installing Atweaks and choosing to restore the constitution bonus won´t help. It´s a minor issue of course but one nagging nontheless. Or is it maybe intended? I know the saving throws of all classes are mixed up
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