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  1. Hey Raduziel, Just letting you know that I started a "I Hate Undead" party using all kits from your kitpack. I have: Deathslayer Wizard Holy Redeemer Burial Defender (Half-Orc) Death Tricker (Tiefling) Undead Hunter (Aasimer) Undead Predator (Elf) I will post their run in the "Maybe This Time (No Reload Challenge)," although I am not necessarily going for a 'no-reload.' It's going to be about writing a short story detailing their adventures. The plot is that The Triad, i.e., Tyr, Ilmater, Torm, have selected these six NPCs, previously
  2. Hey, thanks much. I think what went wrong is that I picked her up at Fighter/7. She has leveled up twice since then, so I guess I should have dual-classed her when she did. I can go back and fix that - although, she would only be level 2 and you're saying the lowest should be eight. If I make her Fighter/Mage//7/8 is that fair do you think? Thanks so much for the detailed feedback. CKT
  3. I just reinstalled my BG2 game a few days ago and got started with a great run. Picked up my favorite Amazon hottie, Tyris Flare . . . and she's a straight fighter with no fireballs and cool stuff. I downloaded straight from G3. What gives? If there's some kind of glitch I can probably play through it an EEKeeper the fire stuff - except I don't know what to give her - can't remember. Can anyone help? Thanks, CKT
  4. Just providing feedback. Thanks to you folks, all three of the kits installed just fine once I uninstalled Dark Horizons. Thanks again everyone.
  5. Okay with me. Like I said, I don't play the game without your mods, so Dark Horizon's will have to go.
  6. Hmm, it's an Elemental Staff of Fire. Need to find out where that is in the game. Thanks for pointing me to EEKeeper. Btw, they all loaded fine on my BG2 install, so it's one of those BG1 mods - maybe Tales of the Northern Coast. Seems to me that had Salamanders in it so the staff might have been in that one.
  7. Thank you. I'll try to figure it out because I want to play that Holy Redeemer. You know how much I appreciate the research and effort you put into your work. That's why I have a "if it's a Raduziel mod it goes in my game" policy.
  8. Raduziel, when your headache gets better, here's my install. Do you think Plane Touched Races would do that. Does anything stand out? BALDUR’S GATE AND TALES OF THE SWORD COAST 2020 Quests and others 1. Baldur’s Gate Quests and Encounters v22 (G3) 2. Endless BG1 mod 6 (G3) 3. Dark Horizon’s (TBG) 4. Dark Side of the Sword Coast v102 (TBG) 5. Northern Tales of the Sword Coast 4.1.0 (SHS) 7. Sirine’s Call v16 8. Plane Touched Races 9. Brage’s Redemption NPC Mods Gibberlings 3 (G3) BG1 NPC Project
  9. Thanks. I did a fresh install this afternoon, carefully installed everything. This is on BGEE and happened last time as well as on BG2EE. I don't use Chosen of Mystra but some mods start on one and move to another later for some reason. I only use G3, SHS and PPG to get mods. I'll try to figure out which mods I have in common between BGEE and BG2EE - maybe it's there.
  10. Looks like the same thing is kicking out all three of them but I don't know what that means. I really want to try that Cleric kit.
  11. Hey Raduziel, here you go. I unistalled my game and went back and tried again. Still the same. All the kits except these three install just fine. Is there something I can do to fix this? CT
  12. Hi buddy, I know you've been busy. I hope all is well at home and that you are enjoying little one. I just wanted to let you know that I have had trouble with three kits from I Hate Undead v3.8: Holy Redeemer Cleric, Deathslayer Wizard, Circle Enforcer Druid. None of these will install on BGEE or BG2EE for me. All the other kits install just fine. I even uninstalled my game and went back and tried again. Just wanted you to know. CT
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