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  1. Another FYI: Latest gemrb from git, files affected: FXOpcodes.cpp: // 0x13e ChangeWeather // sets the weather to param1, set it to: // 0 normal weather // 1 rain // 2 snow // 3 fog effects.ids: 0x13e ChangeWeather wildmag.2da: 5 SPWM105 0x13e * Latest TobEx, files affected: TobEx_ini.txt: Description #318 (0x13E) Stat: Set stat [318] Parameter #1: Statistic Modifier Parameter #2 low: Stat Opcode Parameter #2 high: Type After Sword Coast Strategems install this entry is found in console log: [Unknown]: fx_change_weather(318): P1: 1 Rain is present upon most level transitions, acompanied by either a mind-numbingly loud thunder-crack or the sound of a door slamming shut. Full Baldur's Gate Trilogy install with BG1/2 pre-patched to recommended version (Atari DnD Anthology). Manual install of mods in this order; BiG word fixpack v17, Baldur's Gate Trilogy 118, ScS v30, lolfixer github, generalized biffing, widescreen 3.07. Clearly there is a difference in the way effect opcode 318 (0x13E) is being implemented by GemRB and TobEx. ScS appears to use this in its core components.
  2. FYI: Innate spells have multiple levels in game data but are capped at level 1 by Infinity Engine. GemRB doesn't behave similarly. Why is this important? A character generated (chargen), or saved, by gemrb with an innate level other than 1 has compatibility issues between IE/GemRB/EE-Keeper/NearInfinity. It seems this is a very well known issue within the dev/modding community but practically unknown outside. There are at least four user created fixes which normalize (patch) the innate level, in game data, to 1. Currently Lolfixer "Majestic Spell Fixer" is recommended by BiG World Setup. Any user that intends to use a save between game engines should absolutely apply this patch. To illustrate the difference I'll use characters generated by GemRB and IE. BG2/BGT (Fighter/Mage/Thief multi-class): GemRB chargen EE Keeper Memorization tab: Type Level Max Can Memorize Innate 1 3 Innate 2 0 Innate 3 0 Innate 4 1 Infinity chargen EE Keeper Memorization tab: Type Level Max Can Memorize Innate 1 2 EE Keeper ( can edit saves with the innate disparity but trying to load them into GemRB causes an immediate crash: gemrb/plugins/CREImporter/CREImporter.cpp:1352: void GemRB::CREImporter::ReadInventory(GemRB::Actor*, unsigned int): Assertion `k < MemorizedSpellsCount' failed. The "innate debate" even touched upon Beamdog's Enhanced Editions. It's not a "bug", not something that should be handled by "unhardcoded", but it does have a profound effect on the gaming experience (interoperability) and all users should be aware. As such, the FYI is for them.
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