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  1. I'm using 33.6 and I'm having trouble dealing with Kangaxx again. In the past I keep running into a bug where Kangaxx won't die and transform. I used to think it was because of Protection from Undead scrolls, but it happens even when I don't use them at all, on any party members. I'll Breach him early on (I have multiple arcane spellcasters and the difficulty is on Tactical) and then quickly bring him down to Near Death, but he keeps on casting spells, even if they get disrupted over and over again. Even healing him and bringing him back down to Near Death won't trigger his transformation.
  2. Again, we don't actually have the power to edit the forum software. We don't have access to the source code. I can't change the BD forum software any more than I change G3's.
  3. @subtledoctor: I did not say I was surprised people would complain in a thread like this; I said in response to a complaint about our posting here. For what it's worth, I'm not a PR employee; I'm a volunteer moderator. I'm here because I've been part of the BG community for 5 years (though less active at G3 than most folks here) and I had an opinion on the subject.
  4. We really did not want to delete Shandyr's profile. We asked him to hold off on it, but by sending that last request, a final confirmation, he invoked a law that legally required us to delete it. I double-checked with @JuliusBorisov, and your case was an exception, @lefreut. I know of one other user that was a technical exception: that person's warning came in the form of a PM exchange rather than a formal warning. To be clear, the only list of rules that non-moderators cannot view is the rules on moderators, which stack with the Site Rules (we have to follow both). That list is view
  5. I don't think there's anything unusual about Beamdog moderators posting in a G3 thread about Beamdog moderation--we're the subject of this conversation. We've tried to limit our posting because we don't want to get involved in a lengthy back-and-forth that could degenerate into semantics, or come off as personal criticism, but a few new points have come up, which I'll address in general terms: 1. We've increased our communication with warned users, but everyone who has received a ban from the BD forums did receive a warning before the ban. Warnings are cumulative and range from 0-5, with
  6. I think a lot of people overestimate the ties between Beamdog as a company and the moderating team at the forums. There's almost no overlap between the teams, and the Beamdog leadership doesn't really ask us to do anything; they leave the moderator stuff to us. Aside from Julius, the moderating team is an all-volunteer group picked from the forum. I didn't come from Beamdog; I came from the community.
  7. @lefreut: That's a software issue we can't change, and it only applies to level 3 warnings. I'd remove it if I could.
  8. The rules do apply to Beamdog moderators. But sometimes folks want to know if a moderator got disciplined for a specific comment, and we don't do that for regular users, either. Probably our most common complaint is, "I got warned for arguing with Bill; why wasn't Bill warned?" Bill might actually have been warned, but because warnings are confidential, we don't confirm or deny it. That applies even if Bill is a moderator. The drawback to confidentiality is that it can create the impression of unfairness, because the information itself is unbalanced. If John and Bill get into an argument,
  9. @jastey: Right now I need to go to bed, but I think it's perfectly possible to talk about the issue without it being a really heated thing. It really depends on how we approach the issue. If I did participate, I should get something out of the way first: although this is a different website, I still feel bound by the same policies that bind moderators over at the Beamdog forums, and I have to follow certain rules. Warnings at the Beamdog forums are confidential, and while bans are always inherently public, we don't really publicize the triggering events. That would come off as petty and g
  10. I've hesitated to participate in this thread because I didn't want to get into a long argument, but I do have to speak up at least once. As one of the Beamdog moderators, I own our decisions and I realize there's going to be pushback from those who disagree with our policies. But StummvonBordwehr isn't a moderator at the Beamdog forums. He's just a regular user like everyone else, and he's done nothing but express his opinions. We were the ones who made those decisions; not him.
  11. I had the "out of memory" bug and solved it by deleting the savename.2da file from the override folder. I think CDTweaks' alternate save file naming system can break it by setting save name string references to out-of-bounds values.
  12. I installed Ascension->CDTweaks->SCS->Jimfix on a clean install and I have a lot of bugged string references. All of the new IWD spells and the Jimfix notifications are mixed up. Reinstalling SCS and Jimfix doesn't change it. The game is still playable, but I'm missing a fair amount of information. Any idea what might be causing it?
  13. I heard from @histamiini over at the Beamdog forums that the new Ascension fight no longer grants a "rest" effect when you activate the energy pools at the Throne. Is this intended behavior? I ask because it's a big change to the metagame, and some solo runs wouldn't be entirely viable anymore without those rests. The energy pool platforms are also closed off after the Five arrived, removing the exploit of isolating the Five but introducing the exploit of teleporting to a platform where only Illasera and Melissan can reach you.
  14. Hey all! I'm having a little trouble updating to the most version. I previously worked with the RC10, or whatever it was called, and I've downloaded the current version since then. Everything reinstalls fine except for a few components related to Ascension, starting with the Smarter Melissan component and a problem with the gate5.spl file. My debug file is attached. Any idea what I can do? EDIT: Also, is it possible I can change my username to semiticgod? (it's me from the Beamdog forums) SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG
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