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  1. Hi good night! Good ideas! Thanks again for the video! I uploaded a picture..check below please: + CRE FILES = 1x jaheira with bg2 sounds + 0x minsc with bg2 sounds + 0x edwin with bg2 sounds + OPENNING SAVES (SoA e Tob) = found jaheira and minsc bg2 sounds (so strange because cre files from minsc there aren't any) + edwin doest not show on non-player character (shows branwen and xan o.O). => What i did? On ToB invoked him, he goes to my team instantly, saved game. Checked near infinity, guess what? BG1 Sound set and still as does not show on non-player character Question 0: i will try the video as you said (with google), but can you film scrolling down the edwin's bg2 string ref numbers? So i can pause and note, that would be MUCH EASIER to update the value or export one-sure-cre-file from bg2 edwin and i get that, import and copy/paste to all other edwins with bg2 portraits (this wouldn't be good, mine is bgt and many others mods, different than you) Question 1: Edwina....has new soundsets, right? Could not find on the cre files "edwina" Question 2: Why have so many jaheiras, minscs, and etc on one game? Question 3: Speechs from Throne of Bhaal aren't different from SoA?? Final Question: can we make with this, the first character appear the soundlines or we create soundlines? (i have working sound files to my character, but that is not the main point) Thanks HUGE for your help
  2. Hi! Really appreciate your kindness, but still having issues 1) Both times when i open the NearInfinity shows "Baldur's gate trilogy", yours are BG Tales of the sword coast and BG Throne of bhall like yours? I have baldur's gate trilogy Weidu 2) When i search for JAHEIR7, or any other JAHEIR options, there are jaheiras from bg1 portrais with BG1 Sounds, and many jaheiras with BG2 Portraits, but guess what? All of them with the BG1 Sounds (i think because i both opened the same BG Trilogy Edit: Just to clarify more, the Soundset and the Speech Lines are still from BG1 (Also i checked from Minsc and Edwin, all of their files are the same as Jaheira, some of BG1 portraits and sounds and speech lines, some of the BG2 portraits but sounds and speech lines from BG1) Imoen files are from BG1 only, and others from BG2 only, and in game it is BG2 Edit 2: Imported my game again to test, same issues...but noticed the FIRST MEETING SPEECH are from BG2, maybe...your solution will work, my afraid is that everything from these bg1 characters were imported and the game was going to crash anytime, and noticed the colours of Jaheira are from BG1 (Consistent stats were ok, from bg1 as i installed) Edit 3: Started a new game of BG2 to test, same as Edit2 Edit 4: I am really scared now, after installed all i read anywhere that would be a nice idea to start a SOA-game before everything and save it, and then i did, watch the scenes got imoen, saved and left by the time...i played all BG 1, finished it, imported my character to brand new BG 2 game...and came here to create this post about the sound bug..loading the first SOA-GAME just to check ...there were: 2 imoens (2x from bg2, same on everything, collors, sound, speech text) 2x jaheiras (1x from bg1 sound collor, sound, and speech text and 1x from bg2 collor, sound, and speech text also Minsc the same as jaheira (one of them had boo on pocket other on quick-slot, one with gnoll and other with vampire) (Maybe i started this SOA-game, before all installations) Final: After importing a new game to bg 2, i could find only ONE jaheira with bg2 speechs, copied and pasted and worked...i will try with minsc, and edwin tomorrow..still afraid thats anything crashes later Do i have to worry after finishing BG 2 SOA, to TOB with this? Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for you amazing help
  3. Since the easiet way to give these guys the same stats and appearance is to actually move them from the final area of the first game into SoA, rather than replacing them with character files from the second game. As their character files come from the first game, it means their sound set will also be from the first game. It's not too hard to fix this in your own game by modifying your save game using NearInfinity. Open up your main save with NearInfinity, then locate to the NPC character files and replace all their sound lines with those from the second game. Hi! I think i will need more..to be honest i am beginner on editting anything - I did not talk to Belt after the defeat of sarevok - i did not installed the tweaks so the BG1 characters were gonna have same portraits or whatever other stuff on BG2 I openned NearInfinity: he askes for a ".key file", what is it? I tried "Chitikin.key" because there was the only one...so he recognized the BGT (i think) Ok then....i have no clue what to do, i don't know how to use that - Could not find the JNPC soundset from BG1 or BG2 (google?) - I don't know how if i find the soundset how to import/overwrite or so - I have banter packs, and some romance add-on of BG2, if i overwrite the files, won't impact ? - Also when i go to BG2 ToB, i will some issues also? Can you please be more specific? (picture attached file of the program)
  4. GOOOOOOD NIGHT! My install: I have BGTrilogy-WeiDU, BG2SOA, BG2TOB, BgSCS, Tweaks anthology, all unfinished business, quest pack, banter pack bg1 npc project My install: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29352&p=260221 I finished BGTrilogy, when i started BG2 SoA, minsc, jaheira are having the same speech as bg1...(it is...annoying and i did not want that) Highlight: 1) playing bg1, when i tried to leave minsc he said a small speech from bg2 (ok go to copper coronet , and left forever) but i managed that recruiting dynaheir together with him 2) Imoen has ok speech from bg2 3) i just noticed that and stopped playing, but maybe edwin also Can you guys give me a little help? Do i have to post some file from my installation? Thanks! (attached my weidu.log)
  5. Good night! Very sorry for late reply Yes SCS! +Ogre Mages = i recall that now, i went back, slept and returned the THOUSAND protections that i installed for improve mages and clerics, had god, then...dead + Quayle = i was aware of that, i have not relocated him, but some other characters yes i did and was correct, i completed nashkel 100% and no quayle hahaha but anyway + Thanks for the Siege of Dragonspear tip!!
  6. Good afternoon here So...i completed the city of baldur's gate, but in the docks, i entered that room (fully protected and reaaaaady to baaaatle) but the ogres were not there (and i was thankfull bcoz of my modes fighting mages is really tough) Ok so i went back to candlekeep (Eltan did not teleported me i don't know why, but i have the nether book), as soon as i enter candlekeep 5 ogre mages requesting my head....i can't not even use my spells to pre-protect What i did wrong to god? #2 quale, also did never apperead on my game (never!) if anywone wants to know, my install http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29352&p=260221 #3 as i am here, according to my installation, can i play siege of dragonspear on the future? Thanks as always
  7. Sorry for late response... Yes, but i tried some other ways and worked, i have both now, unusually but yes
  8. Hi good night! my installation: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29352&p=260221 Playing BG1, I am using the mode, to split the "couples" + send them to an inn; so i get the character, my party becomes of 7, i remove the partner, talk to him again, and send to an inn Look what happened to minsc on the picture attached please Dyna is on my team, and i am trying to get minsc...but...he says to go to the copper coronet! First time i got minsc and saved dyna with him, then dismissed him and could sent to the beregost's jovial juggler...now i am trying to get him, and cannot alternatively, i can dismiss dyna, and hire both, ok....but i don't want to send minsc away forever to copper coronet xD, i want to get another after him, i am afraid he goes to copper coronet forever Main question: how do i get minsc to get correct answer to join? edit: i tried to dismiss dyna, get both, ok it works, then i tested my fear (send minsc away forever) i dismissed him, and then he said his text and "let go dynaheir".........nothing happens xD, i can't get him anymore, in the other hand dyna ignores him and stays with me Thanks!
  9. Well, most of the time, the Thac0 is really nonissue really, as most hard enemies in BG2 are immune to normal (ranged) weapons. In BG1 portion, the ranged weapons were essential to make the game easier, but that's not really true in the second portion of the game as you need far more magic and less direct damage, even though the enemies have more hitpoints, this is because they can hurt you any time they can see you, and they peer through your invisibility, but that's not exactly the same thing.This is to say that most of the time, it might seem that you are, but that's rarely the entire case, and multiple of the kits in BG2 are that in some cases, but there are restrictions that. Say try and drop a healer from the party and you'll find your game a lot harder without using regeneration-cheese tactics to sublement your hitpoints. Hi! good night Really appreciate your advice! I turned the game to INSANE difficulty to check, if still good shooter will try to adjust, less one healer + HARD, i think will do Be well
  10. Well, normally you cannot have 5 prof points at level 6 on any weapon type, because you are restricted to put up to 2 at level 1, so having put the 4 points you have into a single one at level 1 is usually the cause. So normally you could only have 4 at there, which reduces your noa's to 2 (+1/2 from an item). And there's no tacho, it's Thac0. "To Hit Armor Class Zero". Hahahahaha i just noticed now, sorry So i started the game, put the 4 points on bow (IWD style), put one more (due to no grand mastery nerf), then...god As Archer Kit, i'll continue to reduce more Thac0 What do you think? i will be overpower on SoA?
  11. Hi good night! my installation: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29352&p=260221 My currently PC is an archer, and i installed these below: 1) Alter Weapon Proficiency System Long and short bows are combined in the Bow proficiency2) Weapon Styles for All 3) Change Grandmastery Bonuses So my PC is level 6 and it is elf, : BASE TACH0: 15 TACH0: 1 (ONE!) 5 proficiency bonus (i don't know why i am earning too many points, maybe from number "1") Numbers of attacks: 7/2 Party XP: 60% Equipped: Long bow of Marksmanship and (TACH0 -3) and Bracers of Archery (TACH0 -2) Did i spoiled the game? How's my PC will on BG2/BGToB, too powerful? I can't go back on proficiency methods right? I WILL BE A GATTLING GUN MAN
  12. Thanks, turned out i checked the readme file xD thanks a lot anyways
  13. Thanks a lot, i will copy the important folders before trying
  14. UP, i can't find a complete list of possible soundset to input on game (without subtittles) i found these, but there are a lot more, does someone knows? =D Underscore ( _ ): Rare Party Member Selection 1 / Ex: badstapp_ Hashtag (#): Rare Party Member Selection 2 / Ex: badstapp# a: Battle Cry 1 / Ex: badstappa b: Becoming Leader / Ex: badstappb c: Tired / Ex: badstappc d: Bored e: Need to be Healed f: Selected Party Member 1 g: Selected Party Member 2 h: Selected Party Member 3 i: Confirmation 1 j: Confirmation 2 k: Confirmation 3 l: Taking Damage m: Dying s: Action Confirm 1 t: Action Confirm 2 u: Action Confirm 3 v: Action Confirm 4 w: Reaction to Dead Party Member x: Annoyed Selection 1 y: Annoyed Selection 2 0: Confirmation 4 8: Battle Cry 2 9: Battle Cry 3
  15. Hi good evening! Went to Taerom with 4 ankhegs shells (setup debug found attached) 1) If i Sell one Ankheg Shell = he would not do the Ankheg plate for nothing, i slept (24 hours), left the city, and he just...ignores, also he only bought one (Sold 1, Plate Mail 0) 2) If i say i don't want to sell = he suggests to do one for 4k gold in a tenday, i agree, tried to sell ankheg (according to script) he does not buy OK (does not show dialog, only buy stuff and leave store), he finishes the Ankheg Plate Mail, give to me...and does not buy ankhegs shells or ask me to do one more armor... he will only make me one and nothing more? (Sold 0, Plate Mail 1) "Taerom Makes Additional Ankheg Armors (Icendoan/grogerson) BGEE, EET, BG, BG2, BGT, Tutu In the standard game, the smith Taerom will buy all the ankheg shells the party has at one time, and will make only one set of Ankheg Armor. After it is completed, he will not even buy ankheg shells. This tweak changes this. He will now buy one shell at a time, and will again buy shells and make additional armor once the first is completed. Cost and time requirements still apply, and he can only make one at a time. Fenten in Baldur's Gate will also buy shells one at a time." I am confused edit: i think i mistype the installation, my debug below. How can i revert to install this component? I did not had the conversation with Taerom about ankhegs, only before have the item on inventory "Install Component [Taerom Makes Additional Ankheg Armor (Icendoan/grogerson)]? nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit? Skipping [Taerom Makes Additional Ankheg Armor (Icendoan/grogerson)] [./override/ar6111.are] loaded, 2776 bytes" Thaaaaaanks SETUP-CDTWEAKS.rar
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