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  1. What do you think, Ardanis? Is Baronius just a friend helping out the Black Geyser team like he claims he is? Or is he the kingpin - the one behind it all? If it turns out he is indeed the founder of this "Black Geyser" company, is it theoretically possible, in the worse case scenario, to take all (or most) of the money, not pay his employees, file for bankruptcy and disappear into oblivion? Does Kickstarter have any history of people scamming and running off with the funds? I mean that's a LOT of money people are entrusting on this one, largely unknown dude... I bet the Fraudster took one look at Kickstarter's terms and conditions and confidently said to himself: "Ah! I see a few loopholes I can exploit in those terms and get away unscathed."
  2. You must be one of the sheep who is blindly drawn to the lure of the game... unconcerned with the morals as long as you get what you want.
  3. Over on the other thread, Baro claims he's just helping out a friend... friends... Right. That must be a very close friend that you were willing to redirect every link to every forum post to an advertisement for the game for such a long time... Or perhaps you just consider yourself as your own friend... I like how there is no outcry or "moderator action" over this fraud... Roxanne makes a few alts to promote her mod (which is wrong, no doubt) and the masses are ready to lynch her for being dishonest, yet Baronius is here doing exactly the same thing. Except far more sinister... Since there's money involved. Tens of thousands of dollars. And nobody bats an eye. The world is a strange place.
  4. Fraudonius is an investor. Hmm. Now that I think about it, Baronius is probably a bit more than that. Looking over at the kickstarter page, and given how the game's pricing 'rewards' are similar to the Improved Anvil pricing strategy from back in the day, I thought perhaps Fraudonius also plays a role in the 'marketing' department. So I looked at the team behind this game and figured maybe one of these dudes must be Baronius. Since Nick Macari is listed as a 'previous collaborator' [did he leave? why?] and Tony Ferguson doesn't sound 'Hungarian' enough.... that leaves three suspects. Then I remembered my good old, trusty friend - TheWizard - and his exposure of Fraudonius. At one point, he refers to Baronius as: I supposed it could just be a coincidence since David is a common name.... But could it be? :O Is David Zakal = Baronius?
  5. Fraudonius is an investor. The money he made off of Improved Anvil sales and swindling people like TheWizard were likely put back into this game. Hope you make a lot of money, Baro. You are riding off of BaldursGate's coattails now just like the way you rode off of IEGMC's coattails. Just be sure to pay him back... someday.
  6. Oh, I see. Thought it was you logging in. Nope, that was not me logging in. Perhaps the admins here can explain that. But one thing I do want to mention, I'm not temnix or anyone else. Honest.
  7. I can't remember the password. It's been a while. And I see someone's been logging in and tampering with it already, so I figured I might as well discard it. You actually recognized me right away over on the SHS thread, but Mr. Shithead admin deleted both yours and my post (confirming your claim) saying it was offtopic.
  8. It's not offtopic, Einstein. It's a reminder that this two-bit 'detective on the downs', a poor man's Sherlock Holmes is not correct in his assessment despite his "rock-solid proof". There are other useless offtopic posts in this thread where no one asked people for their opinions, yet they offered them anyway. If you are going to be consistent, might as well move those around too.
  9. Mr. Security Guard, You lost ALL credibility when you tried to lump several IPs together and pretended they were all the same person. I don't know what makes you think you are qualified to comment on cyber security, but in case you missed it, here's that newsflash again: you're talking out of your ass on this subject. At this point, even if your original post had any truth about Roxanne's alts, it doesn't really matter. Your further allegations about other members show you simply WANT them to be true. Good job, shit-for-brains. Don't ban the person with several alts. Ban everyone else instead. You talk about Roxanne being dishonest and fraudulent for using alts to promote herself. And yet, you did the exact same thing to use this drama as a convenient excuse to ban other posters. Very smooth, Vladimir. How's that shiny new Admin badge? Must be a proud accomplishment in your life.
  10. Dunno about the other dude, but Creepin (aka Paul Blart - Forum Cop) is a brainless fucking imbecile. His paranoia got the better of him and he started pointing his finger at anyone who looked suspicious and insisted they were all Roxanne. On top of that, since english is not his first language, he is unable to grasp satire or assess information within a given context, leading him to reach the wrong conclusions. Seems he was mainly itching to try out his new admin powers after having kissed the other admin douchebag's ass. (and yes, this is -me-)
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