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  1. I'm considering switching to NI but so far I haven't been able to find any tutorials explaining the sorts of things I would want to do (i.e. Area creation) At least with DLTCEP I have some basics and I understand it better
  2. Oh sorry, I actually meant the conversion in NI ;D I don't have the file yet, but thank you so much for the help so far! Now I know what to do it probably won't be too much longer. Maybe I just need a different NI version... Edit: Looks like Image to PVRZ doesn't work for me. Image to TIS does and has an option for "PVRZ-style" but the TIS it outputs crashes DLTCEP when trying to use it for anything.
  3. Hey Jarno, when I have converted the png to pvrz, what exactly do I do with it? I assume it can't be used interchangably with the old tis? The way you describe it makes it almost sound as if the old way doesn't work anymore, or am I reading too much into this? Edit: Mmh, it seems to skip any file I give it, no matter the format or compression. Maybe this will take a little longer...
  4. Hello! I've been trying to get back into area making after dabbling in it a long time ago. I grabbed the first dungeon map I could find (exported from PT, I believe) and worked through the tutorial. So far the technical bits are all working fine as far as I can tell, however I can't get rid of these seams between the tiles when actually playing the map: https://imgur.com/a/as5cd75 They are occasionally vertical bust mostly horizontal, and disappear and reappear somewhat when I zoom. I vaguely recall having a very similar problem when I tried doing this way back when, but can't remember if or what I did to fix it. My first guess was that it might be a problem with the bitmap type, but the documentation says 24bit should be fine. To be clear, this is only for my own creations; the rest of the game works just fine. Does anyone have experience with this? My searches so far haven't brought up anything even close to relevant. Thank you for your time!
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