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  1. I'm considering switching to NI but so far I haven't been able to find any tutorials explaining the sorts of things I would want to do (i.e. Area creation) At least with DLTCEP I have some basics and I understand it better
  2. Oh sorry, I actually meant the conversion in NI ;D I don't have the file yet, but thank you so much for the help so far! Now I know what to do it probably won't be too much longer. Maybe I just need a different NI version... Edit: Looks like Image to PVRZ doesn't work for me. Image to TIS does and has an option for "PVRZ-style" but the TIS it outputs crashes DLTCEP when trying to use it for anything.
  3. Hey Jarno, when I have converted the png to pvrz, what exactly do I do with it? I assume it can't be used interchangably with the old tis? The way you describe it makes it almost sound as if the old way doesn't work anymore, or am I reading too much into this? Edit: Mmh, it seems to skip any file I give it, no matter the format or compression. Maybe this will take a little longer...
  4. Hello! I've been trying to get back into area making after dabbling in it a long time ago. I grabbed the first dungeon map I could find (exported from PT, I believe) and worked through the tutorial. So far the technical bits are all working fine as far as I can tell, however I can't get rid of these seams between the tiles when actually playing the map: https://imgur.com/a/as5cd75 They are occasionally vertical bust mostly horizontal, and disappear and reappear somewhat when I zoom. I vaguely recall having a very similar problem when I tried doing this way back when
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