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  1. I worked it out, however I still get the same error when installing via this method. MSFM and Item Upgrade are after, only MSFM content installed is those two components on BG1 and then EET edit: OK, it's definitely not MSFM or Item Upgrades because I removed them from the install entirely and am still getting the same error
  2. A very minor note, but the same Multikit mod is listed twice in the list - once as "FlameWing's Multikit mod v0.27.3" and once as "Multiclassed Multikit Builder Mod v0.27.3 or above". Both links are the same.
  3. Ah no worries, thank you for responding!
  4. This is true if they are in the party, but if they are outside the party attempting to speak to them causes them to leave forever with no alternative response
  5. Ah thank you, I didn't realise it had a thread. I am not sure if it is still being updated but worth a try I suppose!
  6. Hi, I was wondering if you could expand the "Send Bioware NPCs to an Inn" component to cover the new Beamdog NPCs? It is annoying to have to go back to e.g. Nashkel to pick up Rasaad every time, I have grown used to the utility of sending NPCs where I want them :P
  7. If you install Saradas Magic on BG1EE and then Saradas Magic 2 on EET (as indicated by the list), Saradas' dialogue and inventory in BG1 appears to be overwritten by his BG2 version - he talks about the Promenade etc. So I think they are compatible individually but not together.
  8. Would you consider allowing party members to stay after the Korlasz tomb? I wanted to finish the tomb then carry on and do Durlag etc. but now whenever I talk to a party member they say I'm safe now and they have places to be and leaving
  9. Please could you let me know how to add a mod to the EET compatibility table?
  10. When I attempt to complete the Semaj cleanup quest, upon saying "I have a better idea", Semaj simply leaves the Undercellars and disappears (smart move!)
  11. Hi Small feature request - could you restore the option to send NPCs to Elfsong after your name has been cleared? Currently it only checks for Chapter 7, but with a mod like Endless BG1 or Transitions the option ought to come back
  12. When I defeat the doppelgangers in the ducal palace and Sarevok teleports away, Duke Jannath asks me about Imoen's training, who is not even here, and I cannot proceed with the game EDIT: Managed to get around it using SetGlobal("SarevokBehavior","GLOBAL",1) which caused Duke Belt to teleport me to the maze instead, still a weird bug WeiDU.log
  13. I received this error when trying to install on EET using Project Infinity: "ERROR: [tooltip.2da] -> [override/tooltip.2da] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("Failed to find enough lines to perform an INSERT_2DA_ROW"))"
  14. Thank you! As for why, I am not sure - perhaps one of my other mods moves him, but I don't think I have anything that affects Candlekeep other than Framed and Transitions... Attached my WEIDU log if you are interested WeiDU.log
  15. How do you "finish" the quest? I did the catacombs and went back to report to Tethtoril, he tells me they're going to reseal the catacombs but there's no reward and the quest log doesn't update... EDIT: I discovered the cause - the Gatewarden is not present on the top floor, only a normal watcher, so the end-of-quest dialogue breaks when it tries to get him to say something.
  16. The readme says otherwise, are you sure?
  17. There is a strange issue with this mod when using project infinity: As you can see, BG1 NPC project requires itself to be installed after Framed, while Framed requires itself to be installed after BG1 NPC - paradox! This does not permit installation to ever continue with both these mods selected.
  18. "Garrick: Tales of a troubadour v1.24 or above" is listed as requiring to be installed on BG1:EE before EET - however, this mod requires that BG1NPC be installed before it, and BG1NPC must be installed after EET - I think this makes it impossible to install? "More Styles for Mages v1.55 or above" does technically install on EET, but only the BG2EE content. The tp2 does not install the new items for High Hedge to eet and so the BG1EE content doesn't install. you can either install it twice, once on BG1EE and once on EET, or you can do a simple edit of the tp2, replacing all instances of "~bgee" with "~bgee eet"
  19. Update for anyone having the same problem, the solution is in this thread: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/68138/no-hidden-door-at-davaeorn-map
  20. Hi everyone Got a problem with my newly installed EET game! I've got to cloakwood mines and the last level looks like this: The darkness is a hard barrier, I can't even ctrl-J past the corridor into Daveorn's room. All I have installed are: Unfinished Business EET LeUI I do have the new 2.5 patch for BG2EE, is that maybe the problem?
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