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  1. So far, I'm really enjoying it. I'd love to see the EE NPC's included. (Well, Hexxat and Rasaad, anyway. I'm not sure the Cowled Wizards would put a Wild Mage in charge of the Sphere (then again, she doesn't have to tell them...), and Nalia is far too smart to leave the Keep to Dorn, I believe.) (Though if you didn't want to write a full thing for them, but still wanted to include them, I could see Renal refusing Hexxat because she's a vampire, and Rasaad declining because he doesn't feel he can put the Keep first in his chase for revenge, and thinks the people would deserve a ruler who could fully commit (plus, he's a street orphan).) I'm playing on BG2EE, and did run in to two bugs. One's not your fault, as far as I know: it's the damned ranger stronghold being as buggy as usual. Minsc received the cabin, and then received the first quest, killed the nobles, and talked to the forest spirit and saved the day. The second had the little boy Delan (or whatever his name is) appear on my screen, have a text over his head ('I have an offer for you' or something), then disappear before I could talk to him to get the orog attack. I used a script fixer CamDawg uploaded last year on the BG2EE forums and managed to get the little boy to spawn and talk to Minsc, and then the Mayor properly talked to Minsc... but although Malduf and the little boy were in the cave, the orgogs or ogrogs or whatever they are and the orc archers never spawned. So I ended up just giving up on Minsc and sending him to live in Umar Hills. Maybe he'd find them one day? As I said, I think this is just BGII being stupid: I've had that stupid kid bug on me in the original, the original with the BG2 fixpack component that's supposed to fix it, and now BGIIEE, but if there's anything you can look at it, it would be awesome. The other bug is much smaller, and actually ended up kind of funny. Because the paladin stronghold allows you to basically just keep going, I finished it far before any of the others with Keldorn. This caused the prelate to get stuck on 'Welcome back, Keldorn' (or something of that like). This led to problems with Anomen came to take his test: dramatic conversation with Sir Ryan Trawl, he sends us before the Prelate, Anomen asks me to follow him, and... 'Welcome back, Keldorn' says the Prelate, completely ignoring poor Anomen. (This also led to a bug with the Ajantis mod, where Ajantis needs to talk to the Prelate to tell him they killed the red dragon.) Kicking Keldorn out of the party for both those parts allowed them to proceed normally, so it's not a huge deal, but it happened. Other then that, everything is working perfectly. Nalia offered Anomen the fighter stronghold (I had him decline- saving him for Helm), Cernd was given the druid stronghold (though I abandoned him to it), and Anomen and Aerie were both approached in the Temple district (though I chose Helm, and then the Ser Sarras quest was also given to Anomen)... hm, need to finish that. Saved the Thief Stronghold till I get back from Underdark, and going to see how Imoen does there. Thank you for this mod; it's quite enjoyable. I really like the idea...
  2. I could use a game to play to destress. If you want testing, I'll do it, although I'd like to run through the whole SOA/TOB extravaganza. (I play fast, though, so hopefully it won't be a big deal.)
  3. Ooo, Winter Wolf Games? I absolutely love Loren, but I've played a lot of their stuff (need to buy Nicole one of these days- that's one I haven't played). Good luck with that! And the tabletop RPG. And, er, the mod, of course.
  4. I ran in to a weird one with Gavin while testing RE. I gently broke up with him via PID, because I didn't want to break up with him by committing to another guy (that seemed rude). So I did, and his PID changed to the normal non-romanced PID. Yet suddenly I got another flirt (the dawn one), and then soon after I got another romance dialog (the next on the list- not the starting one), and the PID switched back to the romantic one. I broke up with him again via PID, and that time it seemed to stick and he started with his friendship dialog, but it was odd.
  5. I wouldn't install an NPC with stats that high, generally. I'd definitely put the WIS back down to 18, and actually lower the physical stats so they make using him a tradeoff- has high mental stats, but low physical stats. As it is, he's no different from any other mage NPC in game: his physical stats are perfectly fine for a mage NPC. If he's that old, why is his CON that high? Push it down to 8, make traveling with him actually hard rather then an easy button.,
  6. I'll run a check in BGEE tomorrow or the next day, see if I can get things triggering. Thanks for your work!
  7. Oh wow, so pretty! Jaemal especially. These are just wonderful!
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